Dance addiction detected


It’s the second day that I don’t have any ballet classes at all and I’m dying. 

It’s already been two weeks I’m on vacations from edasp and two days of my ballet school and although I’ve been working out and stretching every day,  my body hurts and my mind is asking for ballet. I’ve been watching variations, répértoires, stretching tips, reading everything that comes to me that is ballet related and I’m even doing my regular posts for my brand Merci on Instagram, but I need classes!

I’m a sport-ish person since I could walk and, even I was in a horrible ballet school at first, I was still moving and dancing and there was a time I was even more active, doing ballet and karate (when I used to compete. I really miss those times! 2 years away 😦 ) and when I stop, my whole body starts to complain. “Miss, what ur doing? We need move!”. My left knee is also starting to hurt, what is quite weird.

Rest is good and important though (my calves appreciate it very much), but it’s enough for me, I could go back today. I can’t wait to meet our beautiful big, enlighted room and have enough space to do center exercises.

I going to do some barre floor by myself right now.

Do your classes for me!


Arissa Ayumi

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