Staying alive (rá,rá,rá,rá – staying aliiiiive)

Life has being a roller-coaster.

I’m not sure if I have mentioned, but I have officially started my journey as a world citizen. I’m now part of a program in partnership between my university in Coimbra and my current university in Bordeaux, France. I’m studying International Relations and Political Science in parallel, one year in each country (which is absolutely crazy & amazing).

I’m living in Bordeaux for 3 months now and SO MUCH happened.

First of all, you guys can’t even imagine how difficult it is to find a place to live here. I had a really difficult time to solve this residence problem. And comparing to Coimbra, it’s way more expensive to live here.

But besides that (and the amount of work I have for university) life has being pretty incredible. The city is absolutely gorgeous, with every tiny little detail, house, architecture that makes this place truly unique.


I’m also participating in some associations and I can affirm (and I’m very happy to) say that I’m also part of the university’s (amazing) contemporary dance group. I’m not training classical right now, due to  the enormous quantity of work I have from uni and also because it’s some extra cost I really can’t afford right now. (But I miss it SO VERY MUCH)

To be honest, it’s been a few weeks I don’t have enough sleep and I have just started to really adjust my food some days ago. I have already moved three times and the fact that I didn’t have a space where I knew I was going to be fixed made me really confused with all my routines, diet and stress level. But it’s all (almost) solved now!

Also, I could travel a little bit before all the craziness actually begun, and I could know Malagar, Saint-Jean de Luz and I even spent a weekend in Paris as part of a formation of an organization I’m in and I have some other VERY exciting plans for the future. (But also plenty of exams – all in French, a language that I’m not 100% fluent [yet]).

I’m want really bad to keep posting more and I’ll try to.

Wishing love,

Arissa Ayumi


Hello from the 27ºC winter

I have to say that I, in the past, was really lazy about somethings, which I have recently figured out that I’m not lazy about anymore. Like walking, writing, doing stuff, going to places, talking to people and meeting friends.

One thing I was also lazy about was writing in my blogs. I can’t really say I’m lazy about it now, but I confess I’m not very good at it when I realize the number of other things I have to do. The result of it is months away, without one single word of “I’m alive”.

Well, I alive (and doing good!).

I’m currently in Brazil, enjoying my vacations, having time with my family + dogs, friends and my beloved (and quite polluted) city. I value this city so very much and I am trying to make my best to visit each and every monument, museum, park, exposition, event and be part of this very live part of the world that is São Paulo.

About my studies, I have had some changes in my life: in the past months, I have been studying French in my Uni program and I can now say that I was approved for that program and I’m going to study in France in the next college year. In total, I will spend approximately three years in Portugal and two years in France (undergraduate course+ master). That starts now, in September 2018.

I’m SO happy and glad for this opportunity that I can’t really put into words. France was my first option when I actually started to search for the possibilities of studying abroad and I’m excited about these new adventures. Of course, there is some difficult stuff, like, I will have to move countries every year until we graduate, but I can’t really say that’s a problem. Moving boxes is not the best part, but not being in one place is something that I crave for my life for, at least, the next 10 years.

I want to be a world citizen. Know places in their deepest. Each and every part of somewhere’s culture, language, dialect, it’s people, and how they see things in life. The fruit markets, the tourist points and the hidden places only an observer local can tell. Learn their traditions. The world is just too big to not be explored, don’t you think?

Well, in the meanwhile, I am enjoying very much this hot winter and having my family around, and sleeping in my very own bed. (and solving documents, looking for an apartment in France and answering way too many e-mails, not all flowers, but part of the process 😉 ). (And being nostalgic and listening to some Fado from Coimbra pretty much every day).

Hope that you’re enjoying July!


Arissa Ayumi

Things that are currently making me happier

I was never really into that favourites of the month thing, I still am not actually. But I’m in this unusual feeling of recording everything, I adore to look at my old stuff, my forgotten files of musics, draws, journals; I like to remember.

I can picture myself in the future, looking back for these happy university years, adventuring myself, living my life, making my choices, being independent, learning, laughing, having all the opportunities, options, having the world, being able to get myself tired because I had a lot of energy, dancing because my body could do anything.

So, this blog is also a memory thing for me. A place I scroll down from time to time to see how things changed in my life. This time, it’s a post about things that made me happy during this first winter and spring in Europe, where you can see the seasons changing and life appearing again.

1. Mallu

She has been my favourite singer in this past month and when I get obsessed over a music or an album, I listen to it every single minute I can and the lyrics and the rhythm get stuck in my mind all day long. It’s been some years I listen to her songs, but especially right now I feel this urge to listen to her music. She’s from São Paulo as well and Mallu makes me remind of my city – a place that has all my heart despite all its social problems.

2. Peonies

As spring arrived, a shrub in the garden started to bloom one of the most beautiful and enormous flowers I have ever seen. I asked my landlady and she told me that there were Peonies. What an absolute privilege to pass by a shrub of Peonies every day before class.


3. Walks

Actually, this is an all-time favourite and especially now that the days are getting longer, I am loving to walk at Baixa, cross the bridge and walk through all that history, all those monuments, passing by tourists, street instrument players, families, students. Finding out new corners, new small streets, discovering new flowers along the way, having an endless blue sky above.


4. Rosemary tea

I feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. Tastes good and feels great.




Random, I know, but just like everything else here. Cheers for the spinach bouquets and salads out there!


6. Pine cones

I’ve always loved these, not sure why, but they are kind of part of me and my story. They have always been there at some point. I’ve recently collected a small personal amount of these to brighten my days and my room.


7. Foam Roller

Shoutout for cheaper European foam rollers! You guys have no idea how expensive these guys are in Brazil. I finally got mine and I can’t see my life without it anymore.

8. Ukulele

My parents gave to me as a Christmas gift and, although I not as talented as my brother on musical instruments aspects, I still am trying and learning. Loving it btw.

9. Ballet

It will always be on that kind of list. Ballet, I love you with all my heart and always will.

Back to those EDASP days. Miss it!

I have a longer list, but I am living for minimalism and those are things that are truly making my days better.

Thank you.



365 days of changing

I’m at the beginning of my Easter/spring break and that feels so good, even though I have so much to do, I still can take it easy and enjoy a little of rest.

I’ve found a beautiful channel on Youtube that belongs to Dottie James and she has just begun I challenge for herself that she called “Trying to Change”, which she updates weekly.

I found it extremely interesting especially because of the fact that she is trying to change in 365 days, which makes me feel that every single day matters, rather than say “1 year”. I found myself there because it’s been quite some time that I’m feeling this urge to improve, to change, to be whatsoever I want to become.

All that to announce that I’m trying to change as well and I will join Dottie’s proposal. I want to register it here so I feel like I have an extra responsibility, which I hope to help me achieve the steps for a greater change.

Although I don’t think I want or need a big, complete change, I want to add habits in my life that will make me feel better and that’s important to me.

Me – body & mind:

  • Have eight to ten long sips of water as soon as I get up
  • Readjust my body to wake up naturally at 6am, just like last semester
  • Foam Roller before I leave and before bed
  • Read one page of something before I go to sleep
  • Relearn that I may want, but I don’t need a dessert after lunch (and it’s ok if I want to have it one day or another – but, for my own sake, I don’t need that much sugar in my life every single day)
  • Stop getting so worried about time and do the things that I want to do in peace (like painting on a beautiful Sunday morning – instead of reading a text of university)

Me – Ballet:

  • Exercises that I will do every morning, no matter what: MHB abs exercises (Link), my theraband feet routine, my elevés exercises, extensions preps.
  • Don’t eat heavy food before class
  • Don’t eat heavy food after class
  • Never give up on class – but know my boundary limits
  • Learn The Dying Swan variation

It’s that for now. Baby steps for a peaceful inner me. I truly want to do it.

Let’s change together?



(I want to start saying that we had carrot and chocolate cake this afternoon at French class and that made my day [and so ballet]).

These past few days were absolutely crazy, with group works, presentations, tests but I’m finally done with everything I had to do before Easter holiday. So relieved!

I’m finally back to ballet and I can’t tell how happy I’m with that. I have recently read something a Portuguese dancer said that I can totally agree with: “Dance is painful, but it’s even more painful when I don’t dance” (on my literal translation). Feels so great to be back. I did pointe today and I guess  something happened with the box of my right pointe shoes, it’s feeling really weird, but the rest class amazing as always (with plentyyy of things to correct)

I was a bit upset and stressed these past few days because of the number of things I had to do, but mainly because of some friendships issues with people that are both amazing and, somehow, kinda toxic. And, at this week, the same time all was into all that, a lot of different friends of mine, that I know from completely different places and situations, whom I haven’t been talking for ages, started to send me messages, saying they are missing me and genuinely asking how I was.

This made me think how many wonderful people have crossed my way. I feel so incredibly lucky and happy to be able to have so many good friends, so many special people. And this came altogether when I was so much in need of it.

Thank you, Universe.

Also, this week stopped raining. I love rain but feels great to have beautiful sunshines again.


I have missed writing here.

I truly hope you have a beautiful week, you more than deserve it.


Arissa Ayumi


Semester 2 – week 5


First of all, I will be out of ballet classes for a week. One whole week. I’m dying on the inside.

One week ago I started feeling a weird pain/discomfort on my knees and just today I finally made to the hospital (I still didn’t know how that kind of things work here – the main reason why I hadn’t go see a doctor) – I got an x-ray and fortunately my bones are fine, but I have an inflammation of my ligaments, so the orthopedist thought it was better to rest for a week.

I’ll do my best to enjoy that little time off to recover 100% all of my poor and tired muscles as well and come back to become even stronger. I’ve been really down about classes lately because I’m feeling acute pains all over my legs and, that way, I can’t push myself in class, I can’t do 120%. I haven’t been able to do my best.

My teacher is the best though. She is a true inspiration to me and I feel really bad when I can’t work as I should.

About university, I have so many papers and tests and essays to do you guys can’t even imagine. My week is crazily busy and I had to organize myself to find time to buy my weekly fruits. I have lots of classes and 11h of obligatory french classes + three German classes per week (that I do because I adore German, but it’s not obligatory. I’m just doing two classes per week though because I have French cover this other class). Weekends are for the organization, reading, resting. The two days I put my life on track.

Also, I found out we have cherry blossoms here. What a delightful surprise…


I took this picture today morning. How beautiful?!


Living in a dream

I’ve been thinking about it since I’ve arrived here.

I dreamed about living independently and abroad for pretty much my whole life. I was always about learning new languages, absorbing new cultures, the way people express themselves in a different place, what they eat, how they live. Going to different supermarkets and buying local foods and pastries, talking to people and learning that place stories. That amazes me. How humanity is so different, so similar and so wonderful.

I could never picture myself stuck in one place for my whole life. As a kid, I could daydream all day about my life as a citizen of the world. This hasn’t changed, and probably never will. It’s not just about travelling, it’s about living one place at a time and discover its habits and secrets.

I’m forever grateful for this opportunity to live in Portugal, to be able to study in a University I chose, in a beautiful city, surrounded by amazing people. And I’m preparing myself for my next adventure.

The semester has begun last week, but tomorrow we start really serious: with all the classes and the extra classes me and my fellow friends will have to take. I’ll still manage to go to German classes, but just twice a week, since those extra classes cover the Friday class. Tomorrow I will have two classes in the morning, French in the afternoon, then I will run to the other campus for German and finish my day with Ballet and pointe shoes. I will return home just by 21h50…

It will be a lot of work, but man, I’m looking so forward to it!

I have been feeling so great about ballet lately. My technique still sucks (as my lack of back strength, turnout and lots of other things), but I’ve been working out every single day in the morning (legs, back, arms, calves, feet, turnout, abs) and as well as in classes, and I’m feeling so strong! Like, I can hold extensions like never before, and I’m not talking about just height, but with (kind of) proper turnout, strong core, arms and without that desperate feeling of “MY LEGS ARE ABOUT TO DIE, MY HIPS ARE CRACKIN’ “. Best thing ever.

I can say that most of those achievements come not just from daily commitment, working in and out classes, improving my food, but also it’s thanks to this amazing teacher I have the privilege to have classes with. She’s kind, encouraging and she does not care if you not going to become a professional because she believes in everyone’s potential and makes everybody do their best. This is so important! And I feel I have improved so much in these past months thanks to her.

Days are passing so fast. Hope I can still collect all their greatness while living this beautiful life.

Wish you a wonderful week, with all my heart.


Arissa Ayumi

Mystery Blogger Award


Thank you so much, May for this nomination! I feel kinda bad because I haven’t been posting for so long and she was still the sweetest, I feel really honoured! She is a great blogger and fellow ballet lover and shares her story, student life and her love for dance through her beautiful blog, fighting for the things she loves.

What is the mystery Blog Award?

It’s an award dedicated to bloggers out there who are deserving of their undying love and passion for what they blog about. That somehow inspire you and motivate you when you read their blog. A blogger that you think should be awarded because you believe they should be recognized and discovered by more people out there. This is also a way to create a friendly community and build a link between bloggers in the blogosphere. (To view the original post of Okoto Oke Engima please click here!)


  1. Put the award logo/image on your blog
  2. List the rules.
  3. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  4. Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well
  5. Tell your readers 3 things about yourself
  6. You have to nominate 10 – 20 people
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  8. Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question (specify)
  9. Share a link to your best post(s)



  1. I could never picture myself living in one only place and settling there for the rest of my life. I always wanted to be a citizen of the world, living each time in a different place, knowing people from everywhere, learning their language, their culture, their dances, the way they express themselves. I truly believe that making the Earth my home is the best way for me to understand about this beautiful place we live in and humanity.
  2. I can’t sing, like, at all. (I mean, I can sing, but people around me will probably suffer haha.)
  3. I have to name all my things – especially my plants, even if I don’t remember later and have to create a different name for it


  1. Moa, for her beautiful blog, inspiring posts and to share her story as a wonderful ballet student (and future prima!);
  2. Alessia, for Ballet Guide, and sharing her journey as a ballet student, writing amazing posts, sharing tips and being her, an incredible person (also future prima);
  3. Imitation Ballerina, for weekly sharing her progress, her insights, projects, improvements and all her story with ballet and dancing around as an adult ballerina;
  4. Lara, and her fitness blog – she focuses on bodybuilding and, although I don’t follow it, I love to read her posts and to learn so much about nutrition, food, diet and her amazing lifestyle.

My questions for my nominees:

  1. What is your dream?
  2. What do you love about yourself?
  3. If could move to anywhere, where would you move to?
  4. Where do you find the strength to keep going?
  5. A quote you live by?

Answering the questions May asked me:

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

I have lots of different plans doing different things, but mainly, I see myself graduated, speaking French and German, doing something to make a difference in the world, learning always and (hopefully) having a decent arabesque. I see myself happy in the future – as I am now.

What is your favourite place on earth?

This is honestly so difficult to answer because I really can’t choose just one place, so some of the places that are my absolute favourite:

-My home (whatever it is, but that means wherever my dad, mom, brother and puppy are);

-São Paulo – my beautiful, incredible, amazing hometown

-The Municipal Theatre (in São Paulo)

-Coimbra – where I’m building my life as an independent student;

-Japan – part of my history comes from there and I LOVE this country.

– In nature (I feel so peaceful/happy just by being surrounded by trees)

Why is your passion your passion?

Ballet: It’s always a work in progress and I adore to dance, to learn, to improve, to watch. To translate a feeling through your body and years of study and technique is simply amazing and, for me, it’s one of the most beautiful arts ever created.

International Relations: I love to learn about the world, how citizenship, countries and nations developed, how they interact, how politics and economics are connected and how it affects the worlds life. How human interaction and their collectivism, society, is so powerful and has the most different aspects according to their history, language, culture.

Merci: ballet is probably the thing I love the most and I always wanted to have a brand and create something that people would feel proud and beautiful of wearing, something artistic, comfortable and let that represent their style and be with them in life. I could just start (which is really important to me), and now I can’t really give it much attention, but I’m constantly thinking about it and I have millions of ideas, silhouettes dancers that I have created and images for products and I truly wish I can work on it someday and make it a respectable and ethic company, following a small and local concept of production that I respect very much.

Where (a place) does your heart draw you to?

To theatres. It’s a place I feel inspired, peaceful, happy. It’s my temple.

What is the wildest dream you ever dreamed?

Live in a tiny house/trailer and explore the world, how cool would that be?! It’s something I’ve been dreaming about for quite some time and I still do. Let’s see…

Hope you liked it and hope it wasn’t tiring to read.

See you guys soon!

Lots of love,

Arissa Ayumi

When you look around, life is pretty amazing

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since I have written something and I wasn’t at my best back then.

I’m getting used to my new life, paths, ways, habits, food and classes and I can say I’m loving it!

Being independent is tough and sometimes I just get nervous about having to study and have to go grocery shopping, because if I don’t, I won’t have food, because it’s way too much sometimes. But I’m learning to manage it and to be strong.

Today completes 1 month since I arrived in Portugal and I cannot believe it! At the same time seems I’m here since forever, 1 month is too much time and don’t seem that I’m here that long. If that makes sense.

I’m happy here and I’m learning to be happy even when I don’t feel that strong. I feel secure, pollution levels aren’t so high as in my city in Brazil, I’m eating healthy and I’m exercising and stretching every single day. Classes are good and I’m not that insecure about my course anymore.

Also, I’ve known a lot of amazing people here and that made me feel welcome and that’s really important.

I truly wish and hope for the best time here.

I feel so lucky and grateful for this opportunity of making this dream coming true and about the life I’m building here. Grateful for my family love and support, for all the things I accomplished until now and all the good things that will come.

ALSO, I was a volunteer at an Opera project. Some stuff didn’t happen as expected and some other were just amazing and I felt that glorious, pure happiness when I saw and heard the orchestra playing right in front of the University, the Opera (it was Carmen – from George Bizet) happening under a starry sky. What a view and what an opportunity! I like to always be around culture and art because it’s just the best feeling ever and this was just insane and beautiful.

I’m probably going to start ballet next week as well (FINALLY). Can’t even describe how much I miss it!

Hope you have a lovely day and an amazing weekend,


Arissa Ayumi


My mom retuned home today and I feel awful.

We had the best 15 days here, exploring, walking a lot, visiting touristic places, organizing documents and so on and now I have to live life on my own.

My mom is my best friend and I miss her endlessly.

I know I’m not alone, I have all my friends, my dad and bro and nice people here as well, but I feel a deep anguish that is following me all day long. My eyes get full of tears every time someone mention my mom or living life on your own. 

I know it will pass, but, right now, I’m just really really sad and I have to feel it to then wake up on the next days and keep going.

Hope bright days will come and so courage.

Wish you a happier day.


Arissa Ayumi