Hello there!

July means mid-term vacations for most schools and colleges in São Paulo, which means that most of my friends are all free to hang out.

Plus, I decided to do a list with all the places I’ve never been to or it’s been too long since I last visited in São Paulo and one of them was MASP – Museu de Arte de São Paulo Assis Chateaubriand (Art Museum of São Paulo) and the funny thing is that I’ve passed in front of it so many times and never actually entered.

Imagem relacionada

                                                                                            (MASP – Image from Google)

I had a dentist appointment in the morning and after that, my dad let me and my brother in Paulista Avenue, so my brother could the subway and I walked until the museum to met my friend. We hadn’t seen each other in ages and it was really nice to catch up.

Henry Toulouse-Lautrec in Red was the name of the exhibition on the first floor and it showed a selection of HTL paintings, letters, posters and illustrations. I liked, but what I really loved was the permanent exhibition of their collection on the second floor. They had sculptures and paintings of different famous artists, including some of my favourite ones: Van Gogh, Degas (with the ballerina sculpture and a ballet painting) and Cândido Portinari, an amaaazing Brazilian painter. They had two Picassos and lots of other works.

When we had seen all, we walked to the next mall for lunch and then walked in the Avenue later, until our next stop, which was Livraria Cultura. We came back around 16h40. It was a great afternoon.

I then had ballet at 19h, the adult class I’m also doing. They’re taking RAD classes, so I’m learning both theirs and also the exercises from my group. I like RAD and how you can really work on details and learn a clean technique, but I also miss Vaganova/free kinda classes. Hopefully, we will have some after the break. Cheering for that!

I didn’t have class today, although I thought I had. Communication problems… And I ended up in the supermarket with my mom. Now I’m finishing the night by watching the second episode of Orphan Black in all my jackets. So cold! I love it!

I was pretty lazy today, even that I did a full class in the morning by myself, by my sunny window. I’m going to make tomorrow more productive and active.

See ya!


Arissa Ayumi

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