Let’s resume all this together

Hi there!

Weather report: it’s was a sunny and beautiful day, kinda cold and a little bit windy, as I like and now it’s colder as the night arrives.

I’ve just returned from my friend’s bbq party, where I had plenty of salad, bread and my mum sweets. yum!

Sundays are meant to buy fresh fruits and vegetables in my family, and continuing my list of places I haven’t visited yet in my city, we went today to CEAGESP in the morning. This is where all the sellers from fairs buy their products to sell around the city,  the main distributor, which means it’s ENORMOUS.

We found out that the quality is just a tiny bit better, but the prices were not that different from the local fair we frequent, so it’s not worth, they also had a plants market and we ended up finding out that the plants there were amazing. We discovered some different species and colours and the price was also really nice!

I worked out for an hour today before breakfast and I’m really happy with my results, as I want to stay in shape to when we return classes from break. I’m looking forward to this, I seriously need those ballet classes in my life.

While I’m not doing ballet, I have been enjoying my time with some other hobbies, like drawing and painting (as well as know my city when we are all available) and it’s been amazing, because I used to do it so much in the past and now I couldn’t even remember the last time I drew something.

Also, probably the last thing to be said in this post, I and my family went to see Les Miserábles, the Broadway musical on July 13th, and it was amazing! What a production! Loved it.


Wishing a good and productive week to everyone, including myself.

Hope you have a fantastic week,


Arissa Ayumi


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