Hello people,

My name is Arissa Ayumi (a compound name), my birthday is on May 16th and I love the fact that is autumm here in Brazil in that day.

Since very little I’m interested in sharing my ideas, insights, reflections on a blog and I created several during my life, but I could never really keep them updated. This year I decided to try again.

I am from Sao Paulo, the kind that is proud of Paulista Avenue, from March 25, the Municipal Theater, the Pinacoteca and the Sé Station when it is empty and our accent (the one that, even today, I do not know what it is. I think it is that we do not have accent at all), I like when it’s cold, flowers, dancing (ballet has a special place in my heart) and I am a lover of traveling and meeting amazing places that still do not know. I am art fan, music, writing, stories, and the rest you will gradually knowing in my posts.

Be welcome, I’m pleased you are here!

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