Ballet Wanderer

Theatro Muncipal


I had a pretty tiring, but amazing, day.

It started with swimming class, at 7h45, and the pool was too full of people, so the teacher divided into two groups and we swam without any break for 45 minutes, which was pretty fine, besides my glasses were always full of water.

I did some stuff and had my usual early lunch, with my mom today, as she was going to meet where Praça das Artes is. I entered to go to my ballet class and she went to the Theatre see the tickets to an orchestra we are going to see and then walk around the mall near there.

Today was so much better! Still kinda hot, but fresher.

I did an entire 1h30 class and I felt a bit disappointed with myself because I couldn’t do the center exercises without losing balance and barre wasn’t well too, but I learnt some precious tips, which I’ll try to apply during class.

My mom and I went back together and I spent the rest of the afternoon working on my business, which I can say I’ve officially started! (Merci) There isn’t a page all in English yet, but I’m working to make it available soon! There’s still a lot of stuff to put on the website, but I’m slowly making progress with that.

By 19h, I went to my ballet class at the usual Studio I go to and I tried to do 500% there, but I’m still struggling with my lack of technique. Sometimes I really don’t know what to do with myself. Although I was just sad today and I tried to learn and improve, I was not all quitter today.

My legs are already soooo sore!

Tomorrow I won’t have ballet class at EDASP (Praça das Artes), though, because they will close all subways and all buses will stop for 24h, due to a strike for the social security, I guess, so my teacher just sent us a message that we are not going to have class. But it’s all normal for my class at school. I will use this morning time to rest and give a nice stretch to all my poor sore muscles.

Hope you have a lovely day.


Arissa Ayumi

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