Summer 1 Arissa 0

Greetings from a tropical land, where everything melts during this 32 ºC Sunday. A place that can pretty much be compared to Dalí’s melting things inside his paintings.

I woke up at 9 and something today, had a late lunch, went to the local market, where I could catch some sun and vit. D, with my dad and brother and we were back in one hour so I could help my mom with her cake delivery.

She found some photo albums from her teenage years and also from the time she lived in Japan with my aunt, it was really, really nice seeing those! She cleaned them and we now storage them properly.

We bought pastéis and Cane broths in the local market, which I would definitely recommend you to buy and have if you come to São Paulo. That’s one of our traditions. I didn’t really want to eat those on lunch, though, because I felt like today’s too hot to have any oiled thing, like cheese (mine was pizza flavoured), but when lunch time came, it was really delicious.

I had a good, but lazy afternoon. I spent it reading My Life from Isadora Duncan, the great modern dancer, she doesn’t consider herself as a writer, but it has a nice, fluid writing. I liking to read it and know her story, although she also considers herself as “an enemy of the ballet” because she doesn’t like it. My thoughts to these sentences are always “How?! Why?!”.

The only reasonable food to eat today is ice cream and açai, and I just served myself a little box of açai. The news said a cold front is coming this week and I’m reaaaaally looking forward to it. I can’t melt anymore, I also love to do ballet classes while it’s cold, it feels endlessly better and I’m not all lazy, sweating and dying all time.

We had pointe shoes class Thursday, at Praça das Artes, and the teacher said, in the middle of the class, she was going to take some girls and transfer them to Beginner 1 or 2 because they couldn’t follow the class yet. I seriously thought I was going to be one of them. I was already pushing myself but after this announcement, I started being 500% in all exercises and corrections.

My friend and later my other teacher said I clearly didn’t need to be transferred to the beginner classes, but my brain always says the opposite to me, mainly because I had a poor performance during barre exercises, because of my weak feet. Well, I wasn’t one of the girls and I can continue my classes on Intermediate 2. I even talked to my teacher and she said all her students can come to whenever classes she gives, so I’ll start to be there every day, starting tomorrow.

I’m going to try to write more often and post some pictures too because I don’t like how my posts look without any photos to illustrate my life and visions, the place where I’ve been.

Hope you have a beautiful week!


Arissa Ayumi



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