Pointe [disaster] shoes

Good night all!

Summer is back and my way to Praça das Artes was under a strong sun (but a beeeeautiful blue sky). Besides the dirtiness in the streets ( which got way better than the pasta), I really like that place. Municipal Theatre is quite a view ❤

Today I managed to get before the time (12h35) to enter the building, which is amazing since I was inside the building missing 2 min to start the class during practically the whole last week.

It’s Thursday, aka pointe shoes day. Normal class all in pointe shoes. I went prepared: all my poor weak toes with cotton and band-aids because yesterday my teacher taught us Paquita’s variation and my feet suffered.

Today wasn’t a good class day. Practically all center and diagonal combinations had at least one kind of turn, there were some exercises exclusively for turns. I did all wrong, messed up with sides, not a pretty view. The teacher even said to us all to do chaînes with arms in an open second, like a helicopter, because I was doing chaînes completely wrong.

Since I left my old studio in 2013, the one that taught me nothing, I had very few classes for chaînes, my teacher even taught me twice, but it looks like forever ago and I don’t have a real base to do them, and I really struggle with it. I keep turning in the same place and I don’t go forward, how it’s supposed to go.

After I left ballet, I went to two malls, the first to trade a shirt my mom bought but wasn’t my size and another one, near home, to buy a gift for my cousin in a specific store she likes. I arrived home almost 17h, starving and tired!

I ate, finished my muscles theorical work for my other ballet school, and went to ballet by 18:40. I came home with some corrections as well:

I. Don’t let my core get loose;

II. Spot while turning;

III. Fix my leg on the retiré and don’t let it going up while doing the pirouettes;

IV. Don’t down my arms during pirouettes;

V. Close that fifth position (why hips? WHY?!)

VI. Straight my legs.

It’s what I remember for now… I’m going to Praça das Artes again tomorrow (I want to get better soooo bad) for the advanced class, I don’t even know what to expect… Wish me luck!

Hope you have a lovely friday!


Arissa Ayumi

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