Waking up like a winner


I decided to be a productive, active person today and, as I couldn’t do any exercises during the day because of 32ºC weather, I woke up at 7h20, which is not that early, but good enough for me and I did almost all my workout plan, for 50 minutes, before breakfast. I still need to do my feet and strengthening exercises, but all the rest is done and I feel fresh, happy and productive! I’m planning to do that every morning.

I always thought stretching and working out were essentials to ballet or any sport, even for my body and my life. I could see results, but just for legs, in general (in ballet class). After vacations and summer intensive, though, I have noticed how extremely flexible and strong my back is, and, as a consequence, my arabesque and penchè, also my abs. These are results of my training and day by day stretching routine. Little steps every day that gave me enormous results. I guess that’s the manly reason I’m inspired to do my stretches every morning now.

Changing subjects, my book “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” arrived today (yay!) and I’m going to read it, as soon as I finish Impressionism (Dominique Lobstein) that I’ve already started. I have just read two books this year and I feel like I’m losing something by not prioritizing reading, I want to work on that as well.

I’ll solve some documents stuff today and try to drink more water. Every day I ask myself why I never drink more than five cups. You just have to drink water, it can’t be that difficult.

Well, I hope you have a beautiful day, enjoy yourself and be grateful for your country, weather and family!


Arissa Ayumi


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