The great year

Hello there!

I’ve been so happy these past days!

This weekend my parents said that this is my year and I guess it is, indeed. It started so well and I’m working  really hard to keep it that way.

They said it because I received an email saying that I got a place in the Municipal Theatre ballet course, someone dropped off and I can do class there. I’m so happy!

Sums to my Universities approvals, and the small company I’m starting. (Plus two wisdom teeth I had to be brave enough to take off). I’m also feeling good about myself. I’m eating better, as I couldn’t eat sweets during the recovery days after I removed the wisdom teeth, I don’t carve for sugar anymore, I’m trying to make a plan that fits all the nutrients in my vegetarian diet, which is not difficult at all and I’m mentally fantastic! 

It’s day four of my morning exercises and I’m sticking to it, which is amazing! I’ll have to plan it better, though, because I’ve been repeating some exercises every day, which makes me extremely sore and my muscles are too tight, making me feel some exercise pain during class.

Also, I’ve just returned from Praça das Artes. I took the subway at 11h30 and found my brother, who was in a job interview, walking to the street corner to wait my mom, at the same time we where arriving so she could drop me there. Nice time management.

Today is extremely hot – as almost every day – and I arrived there by 12h30, when I did my subscription, got my informations papers and my id card and went to the hall to wait for my class, which is Classical Ballet – Intermediate 2. I loved the place as soon as I entered there. There’s such a nice atmosphere, it’s huge and there are  two layers for Music School and two for Dance School. People are also really kind.

I met a friend of mine from Summer Intensive and we were chatting when my friend & teacher came in from Advanced e class. It was really nice to meet them there! My friend is in the same class as I’m, but she already came two classes, because she was not in the wait list, so she gave me some tips.

Class went fine, the teachers said we are doing “45 ballet” – ballet class in 45ºC, not even the a/c was enough. I was already sweating at pliés.

There’s a lot for me to improve, but this class is pretty much like to the s.i. ones, which means intense, and I learnt to love it, like, a lot. The teacher is still not saying any corrections, I guess because she still wants to filter us and know a bit of what can we do. I loved center and diagonals, I was really energesied during jumps and I didn’t want to end. I took the subway and bus back after one hour and thirty minutes class. I ate and need to solve some of my business stuff.

I still have reunion and class at night. Love it!

Hope you have a nice day!


Arissa Ayumi

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