Summer days, ballet nights


This week has been a great one, not but because of the weather, though, but even these unbearable hot days have positive sides, like the bright, beautiful sun and this endless blue sky I love so much.

It’s been a great week because I have done stuff, I was productive and actually did what I had to do (plus, my hair is super good thanks to the volume reducer treatment I did. Tiring but worth).

Now I have ballet classes every night, RAD once a week, stretching class on Saturday and I stopped doing flamenco classes, unfortunately, but it’s happening once a week for those who continued.

I’m feeling extremely good with all those classes and this consistency in the schedule and during class as well. I have a lot to improve, but I’m feeling so confident and happy during ballet, I’m really enjoying the moment, the center exercises, barre, everything. I guess the summer intensive gave me some corporal conscience and coordination, which now I’m enjoying very much since I can pay attention to the movements and understand what I’m doing, not just be being lost and trying to repeat exercises my teacher asked us to do as I used to do.

There’s one thing that is bothering me, though. I’m not stretching every day and I’m doing very few exercises, but it’s pretty understandable. I would probably melt if I do any exercises on these hot days, it’s like, 32 ºC, for more or less, every day. I want the days to get fresher again so I can work on my body conditioning! At least I’m swimming twice a week in the morning…

I finished everything I needed to ask for my student visa today and I’m going to send them the day after tomorrow, finally! After that, I’ll just have to wait. Meanwhile, I’ll take care of other things I need to.

I’m feeling inspired to keep going and seizing that, I’ll restart my french language studies!

Hope you have a lovely, productive week(end)!


Arissa Ayumi

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