The title explains itself. I’m so tired!

Let me explain: this whole weekend is a full one for my mom, she has a lot of sweets to prepare and deliver, and I’m working with her, as always.

We have been doing Bem Casados (“well married” sweets) for two deliveries, one yesterday and another one was today’s morning. Then 200 party sweets also for this morning, plus a chocolate cake, now more 200 party sweets and another cake for the afternoon and cupcakes, a huge delicious ballerina themed cake for a friend of mine and party sweets for this party as well.


Yesterday I went to both dentists and then returned home, while I was in the car, in my way to the seconf dentist in the afternoon, I sewed my pointe shoes, it took me 1 hour. Since 17:30 I went to the atelier and was helping my mom. We had 135 cakepops with a tuxedo, representing the fiancĂ©, and 135 cakepops with scrollworks and golden painting, representing the bride, as well some Bem Casados (they were ready by that time). My mom called the whole family to help there. When my dad and my brother returned from the gym, they went there to help us, because I still had to finish the decorations of the cakepops and put all of then in a plastic packagings, then my mom had to put an extra ribbon, because they weren’t closing in the right way.

We started doing all that by 19:00 and just finished completely by 00:30. I was exhausted, and my whole family as well. I could just picture myself taking a good bath and going to sleep as soon as possible. The time was awful too, because I was going to need to wake up by 6 in the morning, because of my morning ballet class at 8, and then pas de deux at 9h.

I don’t really now what happened to all of us today. We couldn’t memorize properly the exercises, and sometimes I wasn’t focused enough. But both classes went fine.

Then, again, I went back to the atelier, straight after ballet class. That means 10 o’clock in the morning. We had a lot to do, so my dad bought us a Pastel (brazilian thing) during lunch and we kept working through the whole afternoon. My brother helped there and my father was ornizing things at home.

We finished my friend’s surprise party things and the party sweets & cake to the buffet my mom provides the sweets. Then we left by 17:30 to deliver all those things. Everything went ok, then we went to some stores, as my dad wanted to find a specific kind of Christmas Fairylights and I also needed to buy some paint and a new small brush. Then we bought some different breads at the bakery and went home.

Right now I’m planning to sleep as soon as I finish this post, because I’m fatigued. My sunday plans right now are just sleep a bit more than I’ve been doing and rest my sore muscles.

Good night!

Arissa Ayumi

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