Pointe shoe shopping



I had a lovely day today! I’m a bit tired though, but everything was absolutely good.

I started today by 6 and something in the morning, had breakfast and went back to sleep a little more until it was time for me to change and go to swimming class. I even tried to sleep, but the morning was so adorable, the birds was singing in the square near home, a shy sun was coming from the window and then I decided to just appreciate that. I adore nature in a way I just can’t explain, I have no words for that.

I then went swim, everything was fine, my glasses were full of water – as always – and then, when I returned home, I quickly changed to  freshier clothes and took the things I needed to, my dad gave me a ride until one of the parts of the center of the city (aka Paulista Avenue) since he was going to work. I walked five blocks down the street until SóDança store (the weather was lovely) and bought my new pair of Aurora pointe shoes (I love to buy dance stuff) – I may say these are almost the perfect ones for me. It’s unbelieveable comfortable, but it still gets out of my feet sometimes. It’s still the very best for me though.

Right after that, I walked up all the blocks and then continued throught a parallel street, where I walked a bit more of 1 km until my dad’s work. I walked throught a lovely block, which is in the middle of a park, so it is all green and fresh, you can actually feel the smell of the leaves and the nature around you. Love it so much. It was a very happy moment in my morning. I met my dad down his office and we went together, talking and walking, when he showed me Hirota Food, a kind of new convenience shop that imitates the ones that exist in Japan. It is kind of similar. I had never been in this store, particularly, and there’s pretty nice stuff there.

I had a quiche and a Cane broth (juice), my dad a coffee and a “cheese bread” (the brazilian one). We sat in a pretty cozy place, with a big stret view. This one:



What a delicious quiche!

Right after we ate, we walkd until the subway, where I was going to, to be back home, and my dad was going to be back to the office.

When I arrived in my station, I went down and took the bus. I chose a good one, because the driver was really nice and polite. He was one of those people who says “Good Morning”to everybody and is really polite when you need to talk to him. It made my day as well, it’s always lovely to find nice people like that!

Also, in the bus , I found out the government approved a law that says women and elderly people can get off the bus stop between 22h and 5h in the morning. It’s not the ideial for the society as a whole, because we need to feel safe no matter the place and time, but things and minds don’t change that fast, so it’s a great step.


I arrived home and helped my mom a little bit until we return home to have lunch. I had ballet twice today. In the afternoon and in the evening. Both went great, but I think the first one was better, because I was really tired and sore from the afternoon class in the second one. My teachers gave me really good tips and corrected some things I was doing wrong, and corrected my actual  lack of “dancing” during exercises on barre. It was a terrific class. Love it!

I worked between the two classes as well and took some time to check my new pointe shoes. I’m so in love with my new beautiful pair! Today was a great day. Happiness in simple things, ballet twice a day, nature & city, nice people, my great family, with all that, how can something go bad?

Hope you have a nice friday and weekend,


Arissa Ayumi

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