My goals for today – sunday edition

Hi there!

I woke up much more relaxed and feeling light and fresh. I still have my sore muscles though, but they are better than the past days. The day today is so beautiful, warm without being too hot and with that incredible blue sky.

I’ve forced myself to sleep a bit more than usual today, because I really needed to. I was already awake by 6, then 7 and something, but I made myself fell asleep again, then I woke up by 8:25, after dreaming about some confusing ballet related things. I’m in one of those days when I want to be healthy, clean, fresh and productive, so that’s what I’m going to do.

Today’s fair day (local market) day, I’m planning to follow my parents there, to get some vitamin D at the sun and buy some fruits and vegetables as well.

I’ll enjoy this good feeling and I’ll do all the things that this productive way of life makes me want to do. So, here’s my today’s goals. (I’ll use that for helping me to do all the things that I need to and organize myself):

→ Make my desk look presentable. Organize everything on it;

I really don’t kow how things reach that point of mess here
(Yes, my mom gave me this beautiful nutcracker last week. Love it!)

→Drink at least 1 liter of water today;

→Stretch without forcing too much my sore muscles, train my pirouettes and do my complete workout;

→Practice a bit in my pointe shoes and sew an elastic on it, so it doesn’t get off my feet when dancing;

→work on my paintings for my future project;

→Put on my ballet bag only the things I really need and use.

These are the few, but important, things I need to do for today,

I hope your day be productive and lovely as mine is being, and beautiful as the sound of the birds that I’m hearing coming from my window today.


Arissa Ayumi

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