Arissa, the driver

Today’s is a grey day, colder than the other past days (finally!). I woke up with a beautiful blue sky and a hot sun though, it is wonderful, but  I prefer some lower degrees now, after so many days of high temperatures.

I was so sleepy! I arrived home by 22:40 yesterday, since I was in a marvellous meeting at the Pizzeria with all my ballet friends. I slept late, but it was totally worthy.

I got up by 5:40 am today, had breakfast and went to the driving school (which is like, 2 minute from home) with my dad, walking a bit fast, because I was almost late, in that spring weather. Beautiful sunny and quiet morning (birds music everywhere too!). My dad went back home and I entered there.
They usually wait everybody to arrive, so even after almost we all were inside the school’s bus, we had to wait like, 30 more minutes.

Without more words, now I can officially drive! I passed the test! YAY!

It was the second time I had to take it, since I’ve failled the first one by doing some silly mistakes. I took two extra classes, which helped me very much, and I’ve just been approved.
I’m now inside the bus, waiting everybody to finish their processes so the driver can take us all back to the driving school.

Waiting in the bus

I have no internet in my cellphone right now, and I’m here doing nothing, so why not write a blog post? This will be published just after I arrive home though (zero wi-fi here).
I’ll have a pretty calm day, I hope. I won’t need to leave home today probably, but I have to finish my application to University and solve things on my project, I’ll try to study and finish this awesome book my dad bought to him (but I borrowed) – it’s called The Year of Living Danishly (in the English version), and stretch as well.
09:38 – The bus is leaving, I’m going home!

18/12/2016 – 12:30 a.m. Update:

When I was arriving home, my mom told me she was leaving to deliver a naked cake in the other side of the city, so I left the bus as soon as it parked, and entered the car. We took about two hours to arrive at this restaurant, to make the deliver, we entered, my mom finished decorationing and we left. The workers there were really kind and helped us with some stuff, like melting chocolate. The cake was fine and we took about one hour and 30 minutes to arrive home, due the terrible traffic we were in. I even could eat some left over berries that weren’t used in the cake. Love red fruits! (Although I still don’t accept the fact that blueberries are considered a red fruit)

The day before, the one where I was feeling awful about my ballet exam, ended pretty well. I had a good talk with my ballet friends through messages right after the exam, when I arrived home, and they all were so supportive. I love this mutual support and care we have with each other. Because it wasn’t just me that was feeling bad, all of us were. So I guess it was kind of a therapy group session online between all of us. I was feeling so much more strong for the evening exam and definitely decided to not give up.

I was more confident, but not completey, I was still nervous about the whole thing, but it was a different guest teacher that was in the table evaluating us and she was nicer, but when things go wrong there’s nothing she can do, but the feedback was a lot “lighter” than the afternoon one.

She said that we all need more confidence to dance, more artistry, my teacher said I still need some corrections on my hips, we almost didn’t marked the head due the tension, and so on.

Right after that, it was party time! We talked a little bit about all things that needed to be said before we officially finish this year classes and then we went to the pizzeria in front our ballet school, to eat and have our Secret Santa. I had a wonderful time there! It is always really nice to get reunited with this team, this family!

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