Throw kindness around and Happy Holidays!

I may say that we like Disney just a little bit

Merry Christmas everyone!

I wish you all Happiness (Yes, with high caption “H”), health, joy and all beautiful things!
I had a great Christmas Eve yesterday and a good Christmas day today. My family and I decided to not buy Christmas gifts this year, because things got really expensive by this time, and we don’t really need to rush. My and brother got some things though. But they were given early. I had my Nutcracker doll, a pair of Só Dança pointe shoes I was in need of and my Summer Intensive, all before Christmas. (I can’t really find a word to substitute Christmas, so I keep repeating this word).

I spent part of the afternoon watching a confusing/interesting/crazy Netflix serie called Dirk Gelby. I enjoyed in the end, but when I finished the first episode I was SO confused. I also watched Sophia Lucia new Hallmark movie (“A Nutcracker Christmas”) and I finished by watching The Nutcracker from this Ballet Company from my city on the Tv. Me and my mother watched them live in 2014, but as we’ve decided to watch the Opera this year, I didn’t go there. It was beautiful, as always!

For those who haven’t experienced a Summer Christmas, I’ll write down a bit of how it works: first of all, you wake up with a bright (still not that killer hot) sun, have breakfast, usually with Christmas Eve’s dinner leftovers and fruits of the season (peaches, cherries, grapes, lichies and now we even have some national blueberries), eat our traditional Panetones (you may know them as “christmas fruit/chocolate cakes – but ours are oval [and delicious]). The rest of the day is like an usual Christmas day, but in a 33ºC weather. We need to use fans, air-condicioners, or whatever we have in hand to relieve the heat. Also, people are always sweating because of it, and we give wet hugs to each others.

I have already said that I’m not a religious person (although I really like studying and knowing religions in general, I don’t really know what to do with myself). I’ve been baphtised in the Catholic church, but I don’t identify myself there and also I don’t really like it.

Although, I love Christmas time. I think it has a religious foundation and it’s a religious holiday after all, but I think that what really matters by that time it’s all the good feelings that come with this day, the union, happiness, joy and love. I absolutely love that time. We don’t have snow or hot chocolate, but we still enjoy that time in our sunny, absurdly hot, Christmas day.

I also haven’t written during these past few days, but great stuff happened. Most usual things, but made me feel great.
We had stunning rainbows, that I could see from my window, two days in the same week, thanks to the rainy and sunny weather, all together. I stretched, went to the gym and worked out. I’m almost achieving my needle! I’m having great time with my dogs & family and so on.
I also love sending “christmas messages” to my friends. Even those who I haven’t really been talking to during the year, because of “lack of time” or because I haven’t really stopped to send them a “hello”. I feel jubilous when someone I didn’t expect send me a happy message, so I always do it to the others.

I was at my granny’s house when I wrote that above. Now, I’m having some icy tea while enjoying the rest of my day home.

I’ll probably get my driver’s license tomorrow, yay!

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas day! May this and all the other days be filled with love, peace, joy, happiness and union. Let’s spread kind words and actions, make everything that surround us beautiful, after all, isn’t Christmas about this? A warm, (sweaty) hug to you all (25ºC right now).

Lots of love,

Arissa Ayumi

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