17/09 – Happy Birthday Gab <3

Happy Saturday everyone!

I woke up at 6, did some abs exercises, prepared a huge breakfast with a lot of fruits and made everything ready to my family, since I was the only one awake in the house.

Today’s my brother’s birthday! ❤❤❤ My mother prepared a big beautiful cake with a lot of chocolate and two layers of chocolate and sweet milk fillings. Then, when they went down, we sang happy birthday to him and wished all the best! I didn’t have cake because I was going to ballet and didn’t want to feel so full.

I made another mistake. I was calmly sitted in the dining room chatting with my family when my ballet teacher sent a message in our group asking where everybody was, because the class started at 8 (it was 8:08). Well, what happened is that she told everybody to be in the morning class during the jazz rehersal and apparently all people forgot. The problem is I’m not in the jazz class, so I had no idea that I was supposed to be there by 8.  But no problem.

Anyway, I was almost ready, because I woke up early and had already have done my bun and eatten breakfast. I just put my tights and leotard and ran to class. I was already there by 8:25.

Good rehearsal, amazing pas de deux class as always. I really love pdd because I usually get out of my comfort zone and I learn to control more my body as well (balance, etc). Great great great.

After that, my dad and my brother went to the ballet school get me and we all went to the gym by walk (tiring, you have no ideia how many hills and climbs we had to do). It feels so good to stretch in the end of all exercises!

I’m now home. I had lunch and I’m definitely not embarrased to tell that I just went to the gym to after be able to eat a huge piece of birthday chocolate cake. Yes, I do things like that and would do it again hahaha.

I just bought a ticket to watch The Nutcracker in Municipal Theatre with my friend in November. So excited! I’ll finish the process now.

Have a great Saturday!


Arissa Ayumi

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