Yes! Friday!

I love Friday, don’t you?

Hey there,

I had a good, but extremely lazy day after lunch.

I went to the dentist in early morning and then I went to the gym with my mother pretty late (by 11 am) and worked out a lot, I really made this gym day worth. I did aerobics and stretched, enough to sweat in a 15 ºC day. I left the gym feeling fresh and happy.

Again, we went straight to the atelier, since the weekend is there and this week parties are getting close. We worked until almost 13:30 pm. And then run home to make lunch, because my brother was already home and he had an appointment at the same dentist at 3 pm.

I ate and spent this few hours they were going to spend there reading my new book and checking social medias. Then I left to tap class. When I finished, I came back to the atelier until we finish some decorated apples. Probably it’s this grey weather, but I was starving by that time. I just had afternoon tea and bread (and strawberry jam. Yumm!)

I will finish a book right now I probably stretch my feet. I’ll have pas de deux class tomorrow and maybe rehersal, I have to check it.

Also, tomorrow’s my brother’s birthday! ❤

Hope you have a good weekend,


Arissa Ayumi

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