Park time


One of the things I love the most is spending time in nature, being in places with trees, grass, birds and no cellphone (except for photos) and this just make me so happy!

Today I had swimming class and right after that, mom and I went to the park in the next neighborhood and it was the best decision. I already told that we are in winter now, but today was specially hot (no surprise, since we are in Brazil), sunny and with the endless blue sky. We walked through the whole park and them layed down in the grass in a towel we had.

Both of us like having exercises and them I had my time stretching – legs, back, arabesques, scorpion and using SuperiorStretch band – as mother was doing some “gym” exercises.

Although it’s supposed to be colder, you can see by my clothes that we are not having a proper winter here. It was probably something around 22 ºC degrees and super nice weather. The Sakuras flowers are opening here and they look so beautiful! One of the most beautiful flowers for me (besides Camélias).

I tried my best in the last picture, but clearly my hips and en dehors are not working well – let’s just ignore that this time.

It was a great day and I really hope to be able to have more time spent with nature.

Pss- In a week I’ll be doing my surgery!

Good night!

Arissa Ayumi