Pas de deux 

Hi there!

Today is cold, now it’s 17:15 (5 pm) and we have about 26 ºC, but in the morning it was freezing cold, about 14 ºC.

It’s more difficult to me to wake up on cold days and today I set the alarm to 7:00, then 7:05 and so on, until 7:35, when I decided that I was going to definitely get up. Then I fall asleep! When I woke up was 8:06, and I had pas de deux class at 9:00!

I rushed to do breakfast, but we usually do natural orange juice, and it takes eight oranges and a lot of time. My mom was already awake, but she couldn’t help because she needed to go to the atelier and finish an order, so dad helped. Anyway, I had breakfast and rushed to ballet 9:05, what’s awful, because I need 10-15 min of warm up to be able to do a good class.

We had rehersal today of the Caterpilla’s pas de deux. Actually, my friend is going to be the Caterpillar in my school’s show Alice Adventures in Wonderland (I’m the March Hare), but we all are learning in case we need to switch. It was my first pas de deux class after surgery and it felt great! (Even I was late).

After that, I went to help mom and then went to the gym by walk with my dad and brother. I did one and half hour workout/stretch and then we returned. I went to the atelier to help again and my mother and I came back home to have lunch. We were starving!

Now I’m sewing another pair of pointe shoes and will probably watch some Netflix. I’m feeling so tired.

Have a great afternoon!

Lots of love,

Arissa Ayumi xx