My mom retuned home today and I feel awful.

We had the best 15 days here, exploring, walking a lot, visiting touristic places, organizing documents and so on and now I have to live life on my own.

My mom is my best friend and I miss her endlessly.

I know I’m not alone, I have all my friends, my dad and bro and nice people here as well, but I feel a deep anguish that is following me all day long. My eyes get full of tears every time someone mention my mom or living life on your own. 

I know it will pass, but, right now, I’m just really really sad and I have to feel it to then wake up on the next days and keep going.

Hope bright days will come and so courage.

Wish you a happier day.


Arissa Ayumi


Hi everyone!
As we had pretty much done everything we needed in time in Coimbra, me and my mom decides to give ourselves a day off and we went to Lisbon for a day at September 4th.

 We took the train at 8h10 (it was supposed to be 8h, but thankfully the train delayed, because we arrived at the station 8h01) and we arrived there at 10h-ish. We wanted to take the Sightseeing bus and took us a long time to find out where we could buy the tickets and take the actual bus. At 11h30 the bus finally arrived and we could see the city thought the second floor, with a map and a great blue sky and a (too) hot sun.

It was great because we only had one day and we took two different lines of that tourist bus that took us to pretty much every single tourist point, so we could met the city and have enough time to walk around. 

We went to the main squares, passed by Santa Justa elevator, saw the trams (that we didn’t have time to take), walked around pretty streets and went to Belém (pretty much just to eat Pasteis de Belem – the original recipe).

We started by a point that stopped at the main historical center and we hop off to walk and have lunch. 

Fail attempt of a Grand Jeté

After lunch, we walked at the (lovely) streets that were completely full of tourists until around 15h, when we took the other line of the bus to Belem, an absolutely beautiful place with one of the only Starbucks I’ve seen here since I’ve arrived (saw other two in the city – we don’t have it in Coimbra).

There’s a very traditional, enormous coffeeshop in Belem called Pasteis de Belem – it’s the very first place where the Pasteis de Belem, the delicious Portuguese sweet, were made by the Arabians and monks from the Jeronimo’s monastery at the time. 

The queue of the shop is enormous but it was quite fast, since they have 400 seats/tables. Anyways, the wait was totally worthy, the sweets are absolutely delicious! 

We finished the day by retuning to the Praca do Comercio – the main square – and luckily we could take the very last bus to our train station. 

Arriving there, we did a little shopping for my room at Flying Tiger (my absolutely favorite store here) and we bought the tickets and had one hour until the train arrive, so we went to the supermarket and then returned to Coimbra. 

I’m happy we could know this city and have this lovely day! It was hot, but it was the perfect weather and we could walk, eat great food, walk around beautiful places and have a wonderful time.

Hope you have a lovely week!

Lots of love,

Arissa Ayumi

Life is short and the world is wide

Good morning from Portugal!

It’s day 12 already. I can’t really believe it’s already September 10th! It’s passing so fast!

As I’ve already mentioned, we have been solving some stuff, regularising myself in the country, organizing documents and so on. 

But, in the meantime, we are exploring the city, the stores, each small street and restaurant and some tourist points as well. Absolutely love to be able to discover different places, each and every corner of a city. 

It’s quite big here, much more than I’ve thought. Although we can cross the city by bus in max 40 min, 20 in some cases.

My classes start next week, Sep. 18th and I’m really excited about all the classes and to learn as much as possible, as well as have a wonderful general time here.

One super exciting thing is that I went to the ballet school I’ve been following since I was in Brazil and they scheduled a class for me to know in which level I was supposed to be. They use RAD method as well and luckily I’ve been doing grade 3 and 6 (yes, both) when I was at my previous ballet school before coming to live here. I’m looking forward to it! Although I don’t really know if I’m be able  to enroll in this first month, due to financial stuff. But maybe in the next few months? Let’s see how this will work. Can’t wait to dance again! My body is desperately asking for it.

Also, me and my mom went to Lisbon for a day and I want to tell about the city in a different post. 

I’m goinflg to write more as soon as my PC charger arrives from Br (none here works due to different voltage).

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday and a lovely week.


Arissa Ayumi

A new place to call home

I promised myself I would document every thing, as I wanted to keep the memories of my arrival written, but it wasn’t an option, since I’m extremely busy solving documents, going to the meetings for international students at the University, walking around and exploring with my mom and organizing my new room.

I’m so excited to start this new adventure and study in this wonderful place!

By the way, I was thinking about sharing all this information, city and Uni name, because of security stuff, but it definitely wouldn’t be complete without it. So here it is: 

I’m going to live and study at the city and University of Coimbra. A dream of mine that is coming true.
I’ve been preparing myself and my parents for about 2-3 years to come here, as one of my biggest dreams was to study abroad and I made it! Sometimes I can’t even believe it…

I’m getting used to the place and neighborhoods, some of the different words they use here, the traditions of the University (and they have A LOT) and I have a lot to write about. I hope I can organize myself better when I definitely move to my room. (Also, I forgot my computer charger in Brazil. So I just have my phone while I don’t buy another one.)

I will definitely post some pictures and stories later, but, for now, I still have some things to organize and do. 

Hope you have a absolutely lovely day!

Lots of love,

Arissa Ayumi

Celebrating life

Hello! Long time no see.

I’ve definitely abandoned this space for quite some time, but it’s time to come back. There are a lot of things happening in my life and I’ve been quite busy these past days.

Fortunately, I have been busy with friends, doing ballet classes, working out, stretching, going to cultural local parties, laughing, seeing friends and people I haven’t seen in a long time, coming back for one last karate class and so on. Life was happening and expressing itself in the best way.

I was sick during some days. I got the flu and it became a sinusitis, I had antibiotics and now I’m fine. I went to the gastro and the nutritionist and now I have a list of medicines to take and certain foods that I have to avoid. I’ve been feeling really good with all my diet right now. Feels light and fresh.

Well, one year passed by and I went once again to Okinawa Festival, the party I love the most, although I’m not from Okinawa. Turns out I could just go once because rained the whole weekend unfortunately, so it was pretty empty. Quite different from all other years.

There’s a Japanese tradition about making a white doll to send rain away when there’s an outside event and you don’t want to rain that day. They are called “Teru Teru Bozo” and this year we all made one. I put one in my window and there were plenty of them all over the park. Well, didn’t worked and all of them probably had the same destiny: had their heads cut off (mine at least – it’s what happens if they don’t work. If they do, the tradition says to put sake over their heads or reward them some way).

I had three farewell parties with the loveliest people I have the chance to have in my life. Grateful for all those friendships, love them all.

I did my last ballet class today and, although I wasn’t in my best ballance, I felt much stronger and confident in the end. I said good bye to my friends and everybody, these classes will definitely be missed. I learned so much in so little time! Things that changed me as a dancer and as a person. Much love!

I have much more challenges and adventures ahead and I could not be more excited about it. I will take all the opportunities I can and do my best. 

Life is pretty amazing!

Hope you have a lovely day and I wish you much luck and love in your life. Believe you can!

Much love,

Arissa Ayumi


Heyy everybody.

I did a blood exam this morning and also took my endoscopy results and apparently my stomach isn’t in its best condition. I was diagnosed with a esophagitis, moderate gastritis and one light ulcer. It’s all treatable, but it’s definitely not very nice to hear. 

The only thing that comes to my mind is “wth?”, because, seriously, I eat very healthy and I can’t really tell I’m that stressed. I truly don’t know where that came from. It’s all kinda scary.

Anyways, my return to the doctor is scheduled and as all the other exams I’m going to do. Now we are over the clinical part, let’s move to Ballet.

I went to Praca das Artes every day this week and most of all classes went pretty good, and if I wasn’t that good in some of the days, I learned at least one good thing every class. So happy we’re back! (My calves can’t say the same)

Next week I’m planning to do two classes in a row at least one or two days as I’m back on track now.

Also, exciting news!

I guess I’ve already said they were changing the directors there and some stuff changed, especially for the students who are in the Ballet program (not me, I’m the free course). But some things changed for us as well. Starting by The Nutcracker the whole Edasp is going to participate in the end of the year (!)

As we are part of the Municipal Theatre foundation, The Nutcracker is going to be presented by all the students (“formation” students and free courses students) in the Municipal Theatre (!) with live orchestra (!), during four days in November, with two performances per day. How exciting?!

I wish I could join them, it’s such a dream coming true! You know I worship the Municipal Theatre and would be wonderful to dance there, but it’s for a good cause, right? I’m making true another dream of mine 😉

Well, auditions are going to be held on Monday, and I probably won’t have much more classes with my teacher, as she’s responsible for some of the choreographies, which is really sad because I adore her and her classes. 

I still will have classes, not sure with which teacher but things will clarify with time. I only have some more weeks there. Gonna miss it so much!

Well, that’s it. Really hopes my health gets better, my stomach gets better and everything else… (Maybe I hope my pirouettes gets better as well? Just playing…)

Hope you have a beautiful weekend. Mine will be chocolate-less (unfortunately).


Marissa Ayumi

Thiago Soares and Mayara Magri – Giselle

I, more than ever, want to restart fresh, work hard, go easy, make it happen. Perfect timing, classes start today!

I can’t describe my happiness. I’ve just met Mayara Magri and Thiago Soares, Royal Ballet dancers and proud Brazilians, stars among us. More than that, I’ve watched them dance Giselle with Companhia Brasileira de Ballet.

Thiago Soares e Mayara Magri (10)

When the (beautiful) performance ended, I and some more people waited in the exit to see them and I saw Mayara’s mom and sister walking out, so I was pretty sure she would exit at that floor sometime. In the meanwhile, the security told us Thiago was going to be on the second floor, taking pictures.  There was a line when I arrived and, when he appeared, it went pretty fast. My mom went to the ground floor to wait for Mayara and message me in case she appeared, but my old pair of pointe shoes I brought to them to sign was with her, so she came back to the line. Thiago is really nice and did sign my pointe.

We were heading to the ground floor and, when the elevator opened, Mayara was right in front of us, taking photos with some other girls. Perfect timing! I was also lucky enough to get her signature and a photo. She’s really delicate. Much love for these life opportunities!


What a fun night! Can’t wait to see them on stage again (maybe in London?).


Arissa Ayumi


One huge week summary

20ºC and a pretty blue sky, different than that cloudy appearance I saw this morning. Happy we can have those beautiful days during winter.

I was reading some older posts and I’m so happy to see how much I’ve changed in six months! I was quite negative about some stuff, especially about my technique. I won’t say I’m Zakharova right now, or that I don’t have bad days because I do. I still suffer from my lack of technique and sometimes the only thing I wish is to be able to back time and change myself to a better school when I was 8. But I’ve learned a lot and being able to go to Praça das Artes, as well as having classes every single day, plus learning the basics made so much difference. Not just about ballet, but how I see things and how I’m more focused about “how can I improve” than just feeling sorry for myself, even on the worst days. Incredibly happy for that improvement.

Now, talking about my walks thought São Paulo.

This week I went to Paulista twice (although we passed there by car pretty much every day. It’s funny how we always seem to end there). First to eat Portuguese Pastéis de Nata and walk and the second time to visit MASP again with my amazing friend. I also went to MIS (Museum of Image and Sound) to see a Steve Jobs exhibition with my mom and my brother and also went to an appointment at Liberdade with my mom and couldn’t help ourselves but do a food shopping plus lunch there.

Let’s start by Monday, 24:

No walks. But I had a facial and it was kinda worthy but painful. Very painful.

Tuesday, 25:

Gastro, 9h15, at Liberdade. My mum and I went to the doctor so she could see the results of the exams I made and, surprisingly, according to the exams, I’m not intolerant or sensitive to lactose, but she explained to us that this may occur and the symptoms are much more important. I have to do others check-up exams so I can assure everything is fine before I go.

We then walked at Liberdade, looking those adorable (and crowded) stores, we did food shopping, had a delicious lunch at Bentô House and bought my brother a bentô before my mom go home and I head to Paulista.

Arriving there, I met my friend and we had a wonderful afternoon, getting to know MASP (both underground – which I had no idea that existed – and upstairs), catching up, laughing, walking to Japan House and then getting lost in the mall while trying to figure out where the Starbucks was (we eventually found it). It was really, really nice!

Wednesday, 26:

Gabriel had an appointment at the dentist and after that, we went to MIS, to the exhibition of Steve Jobs and we were all starving by the time we left, so we started to look for a Subway we could park and eat and after some search and decided to go to the one we usually do. Great success and delicious as always. But we absolutely needed a dessert as well, so we stopped by McDonald’s and grabbed ourselves some ice creams. Yummy!

Thursday, 27:

Endoscopy, 10h45, ugh.

It was not as bad as I imagined, though. I was the only one on the group the nurse called that had never done endoscopy before. Then I’ve realized I want and need to take more care than ever of my health, really don’t want to do those invasive exams several times like those other people that were with me.

I slept all the time and then when I woke up, my mom took a breakfast ticket to grab a cake and some lemon tea, which now realized that I don’t remember eating or going there. I was probably still under the effect of the medicine. It was quick and almost painless (just the needle part was a tiny, little painful. The nurse needed to put on my vein, but not a big deal).

Friday, today:

Right now I have Puppy, my lovely dog, laying down on my side and I did some planning and just had lunch, with some risotto me and my mom cooked. Love it.

As you can see, did not work out this week because I was feeling lots of pain on my thighs and, as we are returning our ballet classes in both schools next week, I decided to give myself a nice rest. I did some work during vacations and I’m proud of some achievements, so I won my own rest for this week.

Can’t wait to next week classes, I have so much to learn and work on! (Plus I’ll be starting Ballet Guide Online Summer Intensive as well, which will certainly be constructive and fun!)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Arissa Ayumi

39 days to go and knowing my city part III

Heyyy, long time no see!

I’ve just finished a little Orphan Black marathon, it’s an amazing series, but I feel like it’s just enough for the day. 

Me and my mum had an appointment at the dermatologist in the morning and we also had swimming class as usual, so that’s all the outside I did today.

However, I did go outside quite a lot during this week, as we had different appointments in Paulista. We took advantage of it to walk around and know the places we haven’t been yet, like Japan House, a new museum all based in Japanese architecture and culture, and Casa das Rosas (Roses House), an antique mansion that was transformed into an place to discuss literature, see theatre plays, watch lectures and, of course, know the place and their beautiful rose garden.

I have this funny face on the first photo because I was still preparing myself when my mum took the pic, right before the security guard told us it was not allowed to take “different” pictures there ¯\_ಠ_ಠ_/¯

During this walks I also found out Starbucks do offer soy milk, which means I can have frapuccinos again. Yay for that!

I did a small barre before lunch and I will probably going to the gym, do some strengthening and stretch, I’ve been really motivated to improve these past few days and I want to keep that way!

Night update: I’ve decided not to go to the gym and instead, I’m doing a lot of exercises at home, focusing on legs and feet today.  I also took some pictures for a future before/after. Felt like I did a great job today 💪

Hope you have a good friday & weekend!

Lots of love,

Arissa Ayumi

Let’s resume all this together

Hi there!

Weather report: it’s was a sunny and beautiful day, kinda cold and a little bit windy, as I like and now it’s colder as the night arrives.

I’ve just returned from my friend’s bbq party, where I had plenty of salad, bread and my mum sweets. yum!

Sundays are meant to buy fresh fruits and vegetables in my family, and continuing my list of places I haven’t visited yet in my city, we went today to CEAGESP in the morning. This is where all the sellers from fairs buy their products to sell around the city,  the main distributor, which means it’s ENORMOUS.

We found out that the quality is just a tiny bit better, but the prices were not that different from the local fair we frequent, so it’s not worth, they also had a plants market and we ended up finding out that the plants there were amazing. We discovered some different species and colours and the price was also really nice!

I worked out for an hour today before breakfast and I’m really happy with my results, as I want to stay in shape to when we return classes from break. I’m looking forward to this, I seriously need those ballet classes in my life.

While I’m not doing ballet, I have been enjoying my time with some other hobbies, like drawing and painting (as well as know my city when we are all available) and it’s been amazing, because I used to do it so much in the past and now I couldn’t even remember the last time I drew something.

Also, probably the last thing to be said in this post, I and my family went to see Les Miserábles, the Broadway musical on July 13th, and it was amazing! What a production! Loved it.


Wishing a good and productive week to everyone, including myself.

Hope you have a fantastic week,


Arissa Ayumi