Staying alive (rá,rá,rá,rá – staying aliiiiive)

Life has being a roller-coaster.

I’m not sure if I have mentioned, but I have officially started my journey as a world citizen. I’m now part of a program in partnership between my university in Coimbra and my current university in Bordeaux, France. I’m studying International Relations and Political Science in parallel, one year in each country (which is absolutely crazy & amazing).

I’m living in Bordeaux for 3 months now and SO MUCH happened.

First of all, you guys can’t even imagine how difficult it is to find a place to live here. I had a really difficult time to solve this residence problem. And comparing to Coimbra, it’s way more expensive to live here.

But besides that (and the amount of work I have for university) life has being pretty incredible. The city is absolutely gorgeous, with every tiny little detail, house, architecture that makes this place truly unique.


I’m also participating in some associations and I can affirm (and I’m very happy to) say that I’m also part of the university’s (amazing) contemporary dance group. I’m not training classical right now, due to  the enormous quantity of work I have from uni and also because it’s some extra cost I really can’t afford right now. (But I miss it SO VERY MUCH)

To be honest, it’s been a few weeks I don’t have enough sleep and I have just started to really adjust my food some days ago. I have already moved three times and the fact that I didn’t have a space where I knew I was going to be fixed made me really confused with all my routines, diet and stress level. But it’s all (almost) solved now!

Also, I could travel a little bit before all the craziness actually begun, and I could know Malagar, Saint-Jean de Luz and I even spent a weekend in Paris as part of a formation of an organization I’m in and I have some other VERY exciting plans for the future. (But also plenty of exams – all in French, a language that I’m not 100% fluent [yet]).

I’m want really bad to keep posting more and I’ll try to.

Wishing love,

Arissa Ayumi


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