Hello from the 27ºC winter

I have to say that I, in the past, was really lazy about somethings, which I have recently figured out that I’m not lazy about anymore. Like walking, writing, doing stuff, going to places, talking to people and meeting friends.

One thing I was also lazy about was writing in my blogs. I can’t really say I’m lazy about it now, but I confess I’m not very good at it when I realize the number of other things I have to do. The result of it is months away, without one single word of “I’m alive”.

Well, I alive (and doing good!).

I’m currently in Brazil, enjoying my vacations, having time with my family + dogs, friends and my beloved (and quite polluted) city. I value this city so very much and I am trying to make my best to visit each and every monument, museum, park, exposition, event and be part of this very live part of the world that is São Paulo.

About my studies, I have had some changes in my life: in the past months, I have been studying French in my Uni program and I can now say that I was approved for that program and I’m going to study in France in the next college year. In total, I will spend approximately three years in Portugal and two years in France (undergraduate course+ master). That starts now, in September 2018.

I’m SO happy and glad for this opportunity that I can’t really put into words. France was my first option when I actually started to search for the possibilities of studying abroad and I’m excited about these new adventures. Of course, there is some difficult stuff, like, I will have to move countries every year until we graduate, but I can’t really say that’s a problem. Moving boxes is not the best part, but not being in one place is something that I crave for my life for, at least, the next 10 years.

I want to be a world citizen. Know places in their deepest. Each and every part of somewhere’s culture, language, dialect, it’s people, and how they see things in life. The fruit markets, the tourist points and the hidden places only an observer local can tell. Learn their traditions. The world is just too big to not be explored, don’t you think?

Well, in the meanwhile, I am enjoying very much this hot winter and having my family around, and sleeping in my very own bed. (and solving documents, looking for an apartment in France and answering way too many e-mails, not all flowers, but part of the process 😉 ). (And being nostalgic and listening to some Fado from Coimbra pretty much every day).

Hope that you’re enjoying July!


Arissa Ayumi

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