Things that are currently making me happier

I was never really into that favourites of the month thing, I still am not actually. But I’m in this unusual feeling of recording everything, I adore to look at my old stuff, my forgotten files of musics, draws, journals; I like to remember.

I can picture myself in the future, looking back for these happy university years, adventuring myself, living my life, making my choices, being independent, learning, laughing, having all the opportunities, options, having the world, being able to get myself tired because I had a lot of energy, dancing because my body could do anything.

So, this blog is also a memory thing for me. A place I scroll down from time to time to see how things changed in my life. This time, it’s a post about things that made me happy during this first winter and spring in Europe, where you can see the seasons changing and life appearing again.

1. Mallu

She has been my favourite singer in this past month and when I get obsessed over a music or an album, I listen to it every single minute I can and the lyrics and the rhythm get stuck in my mind all day long. It’s been some years I listen to her songs, but especially right now I feel this urge to listen to her music. She’s from São Paulo as well and Mallu makes me remind of my city – a place that has all my heart despite all its social problems.

2. Peonies

As spring arrived, a shrub in the garden started to bloom one of the most beautiful and enormous flowers I have ever seen. I asked my landlady and she told me that there were Peonies. What an absolute privilege to pass by a shrub of Peonies every day before class.


3. Walks

Actually, this is an all-time favourite and especially now that the days are getting longer, I am loving to walk at Baixa, cross the bridge and walk through all that history, all those monuments, passing by tourists, street instrument players, families, students. Finding out new corners, new small streets, discovering new flowers along the way, having an endless blue sky above.


4. Rosemary tea

I feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. Tastes good and feels great.




Random, I know, but just like everything else here. Cheers for the spinach bouquets and salads out there!


6. Pine cones

I’ve always loved these, not sure why, but they are kind of part of me and my story. They have always been there at some point. I’ve recently collected a small personal amount of these to brighten my days and my room.


7. Foam Roller

Shoutout for cheaper European foam rollers! You guys have no idea how expensive these guys are in Brazil. I finally got mine and I can’t see my life without it anymore.

8. Ukulele

My parents gave to me as a Christmas gift and, although I not as talented as my brother on musical instruments aspects, I still am trying and learning. Loving it btw.

9. Ballet

It will always be on that kind of list. Ballet, I love you with all my heart and always will.

Back to those EDASP days. Miss it!

I have a longer list, but I am living for minimalism and those are things that are truly making my days better.

Thank you.



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