365 days of changing

I’m at the beginning of my Easter/spring break and that feels so good, even though I have so much to do, I still can take it easy and enjoy a little of rest.

I’ve found a beautiful channel on Youtube that belongs to Dottie James and she has just begun I challenge for herself that she called “Trying to Change”, which she updates weekly.

I found it extremely interesting especially because of the fact that she is trying to change in 365 days, which makes me feel that every single day matters, rather than say “1 year”. I found myself there because it’s been quite some time that I’m feeling this urge to improve, to change, to be whatsoever I want to become.

All that to announce that I’m trying to change as well and I will join Dottie’s proposal. I want to register it here so I feel like I have an extra responsibility, which I hope to help me achieve the steps for a greater change.

Although I don’t think I want or need a big, complete change, I want to add habits in my life that will make me feel better and that’s important to me.

Me – body & mind:

  • Have eight to ten long sips of water as soon as I get up
  • Readjust my body to wake up naturally at 6am, just like last semester
  • Foam Roller before I leave and before bed
  • Read one page of something before I go to sleep
  • Relearn that I may want, but I don’t need a dessert after lunch (and it’s ok if I want to have it one day or another – but, for my own sake, I don’t need that much sugar in my life every single day)
  • Stop getting so worried about time and do the things that I want to do in peace (like painting on a beautiful Sunday morning – instead of reading a text of university)

Me – Ballet:

  • Exercises that I will do every morning, no matter what: MHB abs exercises (Link), my theraband feet routine, my elevés exercises, extensions preps.
  • Don’t eat heavy food before class
  • Don’t eat heavy food after class
  • Never give up on class – but know my boundary limits
  • Learn The Dying Swan variation

It’s that for now. Baby steps for a peaceful inner me. I truly want to do it.

Let’s change together?

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