(I want to start saying that we had carrot and chocolate cake this afternoon at French class and that made my day [and so ballet]).

These past few days were absolutely crazy, with group works, presentations, tests but I’m finally done with everything I had to do before Easter holiday. So relieved!

I’m finally back to ballet and I can’t tell how happy I’m with that. I have recently read something a Portuguese dancer said that I can totally agree with: “Dance is painful, but it’s even more painful when I don’t dance” (on my literal translation). Feels so great to be back. I did pointe today and I guess  something happened with the box of my right pointe shoes, it’s feeling really weird, but the rest class amazing as always (with plentyyy of things to correct)

I was a bit upset and stressed these past few days because of the number of things I had to do, but mainly because of some friendships issues with people that are both amazing and, somehow, kinda toxic. And, at this week, the same time all was into all that, a lot of different friends of mine, that I know from completely different places and situations, whom I haven’t been talking for ages, started to send me messages, saying they are missing me and genuinely asking how I was.

This made me think how many wonderful people have crossed my way. I feel so incredibly lucky and happy to be able to have so many good friends, so many special people. And this came altogether when I was so much in need of it.

Thank you, Universe.

Also, this week stopped raining. I love rain but feels great to have beautiful sunshines again.


I have missed writing here.

I truly hope you have a beautiful week, you more than deserve it.


Arissa Ayumi


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