Semester 2 – week 5


First of all, I will be out of ballet classes for a week. One whole week. I’m dying on the inside.

One week ago I started feeling a weird pain/discomfort on my knees and just today I finally made to the hospital (I still didn’t know how that kind of things work here – the main reason why I hadn’t go see a doctor) – I got an x-ray and fortunately my bones are fine, but I have an inflammation of my ligaments, so the orthopedist thought it was better to rest for a week.

I’ll do my best to enjoy that little time off to recover 100% all of my poor and tired muscles as well and come back to become even stronger. I’ve been really down about classes lately because I’m feeling acute pains all over my legs and, that way, I can’t push myself in class, I can’t do 120%. I haven’t been able to do my best.

My teacher is the best though. She is a true inspiration to me and I feel really bad when I can’t work as I should.

About university, I have so many papers and tests and essays to do you guys can’t even imagine. My week is crazily busy and I had to organize myself to find time to buy my weekly fruits. I have lots of classes and 11h of obligatory french classes + three German classes per week (that I do because I adore German, but it’s not obligatory. I’m just doing two classes per week though because I have French cover this other class). Weekends are for the organization, reading, resting. The two days I put my life on track.

Also, I found out we have cherry blossoms here. What a delightful surprise…


I took this picture today morning. How beautiful?!


2 thoughts on “Semester 2 – week 5

  1. whitegirlgoesfitness 4 de March de 2018 / 20:45

    Love reading your blog, your posts are always short and sweet and I used to read ballet school novels as a child and this reminds me so much of those books ☺️ enjoy your time off and know that it’ll all go much better when your knees are well again!

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    • arissaayumi 4 de March de 2018 / 22:00

      So happy to read that! A true hug to my soul to know this brought good memories to you! Yes, hope to be back soon. Thank you, Lara!

      Liked by 1 person

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