Living in a dream

I’ve been thinking about it since I’ve arrived here.

I dreamed about living independently and abroad for pretty much my whole life. I was always about learning new languages, absorbing new cultures, the way people express themselves in a different place, what they eat, how they live. Going to different supermarkets and buying local foods and pastries, talking to people and learning that place stories. That amazes me. How humanity is so different, so similar and so wonderful.

I could never picture myself stuck in one place for my whole life. As a kid, I could daydream all day about my life as a citizen of the world. This hasn’t changed, and probably never will. It’s not just about travelling, it’s about living one place at a time and discover its habits and secrets.

I’m forever grateful for this opportunity to live in Portugal, to be able to study in a University I chose, in a beautiful city, surrounded by amazing people. And I’m preparing myself for my next adventure.

The semester has begun last week, but tomorrow we start really serious: with all the classes and the extra classes me and my fellow friends will have to take. I’ll still manage to go to German classes, but just twice a week, since those extra classes cover the Friday class. Tomorrow I will have two classes in the morning, French in the afternoon, then I will run to the other campus for German and finish my day with Ballet and pointe shoes. I will return home just by 21h50…

It will be a lot of work, but man, I’m looking so forward to it!

I have been feeling so great about ballet lately. My technique still sucks (as my lack of back strength, turnout and lots of other things), but I’ve been working out every single day in the morning (legs, back, arms, calves, feet, turnout, abs) and as well as in classes, and I’m feeling so strong! Like, I can hold extensions like never before, and I’m not talking about just height, but with (kind of) proper turnout, strong core, arms and without that desperate feeling of “MY LEGS ARE ABOUT TO DIE, MY HIPS ARE CRACKIN’ “. Best thing ever.

I can say that most of those achievements come not just from daily commitment, working in and out classes, improving my food, but also it’s thanks to this amazing teacher I have the privilege to have classes with. She’s kind, encouraging and she does not care if you not going to become a professional because she believes in everyone’s potential and makes everybody do their best. This is so important! And I feel I have improved so much in these past months thanks to her.

Days are passing so fast. Hope I can still collect all their greatness while living this beautiful life.

Wish you a wonderful week, with all my heart.


Arissa Ayumi

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