When you look around, life is pretty amazing

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since I have written something and I wasn’t at my best back then.

I’m getting used to my new life, paths, ways, habits, food and classes and I can say I’m loving it!

Being independent is tough and sometimes I just get nervous about having to study and have to go grocery shopping, because if I don’t, I won’t have food, because it’s way too much sometimes. But I’m learning to manage it and to be strong.

Today completes 1 month since I arrived in Portugal and I cannot believe it! At the same time seems I’m here since forever, 1 month is too much time and don’t seem that I’m here that long. If that makes sense.

I’m happy here and I’m learning to be happy even when I don’t feel that strong. I feel secure, pollution levels aren’t so high as in my city in Brazil, I’m eating healthy and I’m exercising and stretching every single day. Classes are good and I’m not that insecure about my course anymore.

Also, I’ve known a lot of amazing people here and that made me feel welcome and that’s really important.

I truly wish and hope for the best time here.

I feel so lucky and grateful for this opportunity of making this dream coming true and about the life I’m building here. Grateful for my family love and support, for all the things I accomplished until now and all the good things that will come.

ALSO, I was a volunteer at an Opera project. Some stuff didn’t happen as expected and some other were just amazing and I felt that glorious, pure happiness when I saw and heard the orchestra playing right in front of the University, the Opera (it was Carmen – from George Bizet) happening under a starry sky. What a view and what an opportunity! I like to always be around culture and art because it’s just the best feeling ever and this was just insane and beautiful.

I’m probably going to start ballet next week as well (FINALLY). Can’t even describe how much I miss it!

Hope you have a lovely day and an amazing weekend,


Arissa Ayumi

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