Hi everyone!
As we had pretty much done everything we needed in time in Coimbra, me and my mom decides to give ourselves a day off and we went to Lisbon for a day at September 4th.

 We took the train at 8h10 (it was supposed to be 8h, but thankfully the train delayed, because we arrived at the station 8h01) and we arrived there at 10h-ish. We wanted to take the Sightseeing bus and took us a long time to find out where we could buy the tickets and take the actual bus. At 11h30 the bus finally arrived and we could see the city thought the second floor, with a map and a great blue sky and a (too) hot sun.

It was great because we only had one day and we took two different lines of that tourist bus that took us to pretty much every single tourist point, so we could met the city and have enough time to walk around. 

We went to the main squares, passed by Santa Justa elevator, saw the trams (that we didn’t have time to take), walked around pretty streets and went to Belém (pretty much just to eat Pasteis de Belem – the original recipe).

We started by a point that stopped at the main historical center and we hop off to walk and have lunch. 

Fail attempt of a Grand Jeté

After lunch, we walked at the (lovely) streets that were completely full of tourists until around 15h, when we took the other line of the bus to Belem, an absolutely beautiful place with one of the only Starbucks I’ve seen here since I’ve arrived (saw other two in the city – we don’t have it in Coimbra).

There’s a very traditional, enormous coffeeshop in Belem called Pasteis de Belem – it’s the very first place where the Pasteis de Belem, the delicious Portuguese sweet, were made by the Arabians and monks from the Jeronimo’s monastery at the time. 

The queue of the shop is enormous but it was quite fast, since they have 400 seats/tables. Anyways, the wait was totally worthy, the sweets are absolutely delicious! 

We finished the day by retuning to the Praca do Comercio – the main square – and luckily we could take the very last bus to our train station. 

Arriving there, we did a little shopping for my room at Flying Tiger (my absolutely favorite store here) and we bought the tickets and had one hour until the train arrive, so we went to the supermarket and then returned to Coimbra. 

I’m happy we could know this city and have this lovely day! It was hot, but it was the perfect weather and we could walk, eat great food, walk around beautiful places and have a wonderful time.

Hope you have a lovely week!

Lots of love,

Arissa Ayumi

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