Life is short and the world is wide

Good morning from Portugal!

It’s day 12 already. I can’t really believe it’s already September 10th! It’s passing so fast!

As I’ve already mentioned, we have been solving some stuff, regularising myself in the country, organizing documents and so on. 

But, in the meantime, we are exploring the city, the stores, each small street and restaurant and some tourist points as well. Absolutely love to be able to discover different places, each and every corner of a city. 

It’s quite big here, much more than I’ve thought. Although we can cross the city by bus in max 40 min, 20 in some cases.

My classes start next week, Sep. 18th and I’m really excited about all the classes and to learn as much as possible, as well as have a wonderful general time here.

One super exciting thing is that I went to the ballet school I’ve been following since I was in Brazil and they scheduled a class for me to know in which level I was supposed to be. They use RAD method as well and luckily I’ve been doing grade 3 and 6 (yes, both) when I was at my previous ballet school before coming to live here. I’m looking forward to it! Although I don’t really know if I’m be able  to enroll in this first month, due to financial stuff. But maybe in the next few months? Let’s see how this will work. Can’t wait to dance again! My body is desperately asking for it.

Also, me and my mom went to Lisbon for a day and I want to tell about the city in a different post. 

I’m goinflg to write more as soon as my PC charger arrives from Br (none here works due to different voltage).

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday and a lovely week.


Arissa Ayumi

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