Celebrating life

Hello! Long time no see.

I’ve definitely abandoned this space for quite some time, but it’s time to come back. There are a lot of things happening in my life and I’ve been quite busy these past days.

Fortunately, I have been busy with friends, doing ballet classes, working out, stretching, going to cultural local parties, laughing, seeing friends and people I haven’t seen in a long time, coming back for one last karate class and so on. Life was happening and expressing itself in the best way.

I was sick during some days. I got the flu and it became a sinusitis, I had antibiotics and now I’m fine. I went to the gastro and the nutritionist and now I have a list of medicines to take and certain foods that I have to avoid. I’ve been feeling really good with all my diet right now. Feels light and fresh.

Well, one year passed by and I went once again to Okinawa Festival, the party I love the most, although I’m not from Okinawa. Turns out I could just go once because rained the whole weekend unfortunately, so it was pretty empty. Quite different from all other years.

There’s a Japanese tradition about making a white doll to send rain away when there’s an outside event and you don’t want to rain that day. They are called “Teru Teru Bozo” and this year we all made one. I put one in my window and there were plenty of them all over the park. Well, didn’t worked and all of them probably had the same destiny: had their heads cut off (mine at least – it’s what happens if they don’t work. If they do, the tradition says to put sake over their heads or reward them some way).

I had three farewell parties with the loveliest people I have the chance to have in my life. Grateful for all those friendships, love them all.

I did my last ballet class today and, although I wasn’t in my best ballance, I felt much stronger and confident in the end. I said good bye to my friends and everybody, these classes will definitely be missed. I learned so much in so little time! Things that changed me as a dancer and as a person. Much love!

I have much more challenges and adventures ahead and I could not be more excited about it. I will take all the opportunities I can and do my best. 

Life is pretty amazing!

Hope you have a lovely day and I wish you much luck and love in your life. Believe you can!

Much love,

Arissa Ayumi

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