Heyy everybody.

I did a blood exam this morning and also took my endoscopy results and apparently my stomach isn’t in its best condition. I was diagnosed with a esophagitis, moderate gastritis and one light ulcer. It’s all treatable, but it’s definitely not very nice to hear. 

The only thing that comes to my mind is “wth?”, because, seriously, I eat very healthy and I can’t really tell I’m that stressed. I truly don’t know where that came from. It’s all kinda scary.

Anyways, my return to the doctor is scheduled and as all the other exams I’m going to do. Now we are over the clinical part, let’s move to Ballet.

I went to Praca das Artes every day this week and most of all classes went pretty good, and if I wasn’t that good in some of the days, I learned at least one good thing every class. So happy we’re back! (My calves can’t say the same)

Next week I’m planning to do two classes in a row at least one or two days as I’m back on track now.

Also, exciting news!

I guess I’ve already said they were changing the directors there and some stuff changed, especially for the students who are in the Ballet program (not me, I’m the free course). But some things changed for us as well. Starting by The Nutcracker the whole Edasp is going to participate in the end of the year (!)

As we are part of the Municipal Theatre foundation, The Nutcracker is going to be presented by all the students (“formation” students and free courses students) in the Municipal Theatre (!) with live orchestra (!), during four days in November, with two performances per day. How exciting?!

I wish I could join them, it’s such a dream coming true! You know I worship the Municipal Theatre and would be wonderful to dance there, but it’s for a good cause, right? I’m making true another dream of mine đŸ˜‰

Well, auditions are going to be held on Monday, and I probably won’t have much more classes with my teacher, as she’s responsible for some of the choreographies, which is really sad because I adore her and her classes. 

I still will have classes, not sure with which teacher but things will clarify with time. I only have some more weeks there. Gonna miss it so much!

Well, that’s it. Really hopes my health gets better, my stomach gets better and everything else… (Maybe I hope my pirouettes gets better as well? Just playing…)

Hope you have a beautiful weekend. Mine will be chocolate-less (unfortunately).


Marissa Ayumi

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