Thiago Soares and Mayara Magri – Giselle

I, more than ever, want to restart fresh, work hard, go easy, make it happen. Perfect timing, classes start today!

I can’t describe my happiness. I’ve just met Mayara Magri and Thiago Soares, Royal Ballet dancers and proud Brazilians, stars among us. More than that, I’ve watched them dance Giselle with Companhia Brasileira de Ballet.

Thiago Soares e Mayara Magri (10)

When the (beautiful) performance ended, I and some more people waited in the exit to see them and I saw Mayara’s mom and sister walking out, so I was pretty sure she would exit at that floor sometime. In the meanwhile, the security told us Thiago was going to be on the second floor, taking pictures.  There was a line when I arrived and, when he appeared, it went pretty fast. My mom went to the ground floor to wait for Mayara and message me in case she appeared, but my old pair of pointe shoes I brought to them to sign was with her, so she came back to the line. Thiago is really nice and did sign my pointe.

We were heading to the ground floor and, when the elevator opened, Mayara was right in front of us, taking photos with some other girls. Perfect timing! I was also lucky enough to get her signature and a photo. She’s really delicate. Much love for these life opportunities!


What a fun night! Can’t wait to see them on stage again (maybe in London?).


Arissa Ayumi


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