One huge week summary

20ºC and a pretty blue sky, different than that cloudy appearance I saw this morning. Happy we can have those beautiful days during winter.

I was reading some older posts and I’m so happy to see how much I’ve changed in six months! I was quite negative about some stuff, especially about my technique. I won’t say I’m Zakharova right now, or that I don’t have bad days because I do. I still suffer from my lack of technique and sometimes the only thing I wish is to be able to back time and change myself to a better school when I was 8. But I’ve learned a lot and being able to go to Praça das Artes, as well as having classes every single day, plus learning the basics made so much difference. Not just about ballet, but how I see things and how I’m more focused about “how can I improve” than just feeling sorry for myself, even on the worst days. Incredibly happy for that improvement.

Now, talking about my walks thought São Paulo.

This week I went to Paulista twice (although we passed there by car pretty much every day. It’s funny how we always seem to end there). First to eat Portuguese Pastéis de Nata and walk and the second time to visit MASP again with my amazing friend. I also went to MIS (Museum of Image and Sound) to see a Steve Jobs exhibition with my mom and my brother and also went to an appointment at Liberdade with my mom and couldn’t help ourselves but do a food shopping plus lunch there.

Let’s start by Monday, 24:

No walks. But I had a facial and it was kinda worthy but painful. Very painful.

Tuesday, 25:

Gastro, 9h15, at Liberdade. My mum and I went to the doctor so she could see the results of the exams I made and, surprisingly, according to the exams, I’m not intolerant or sensitive to lactose, but she explained to us that this may occur and the symptoms are much more important. I have to do others check-up exams so I can assure everything is fine before I go.

We then walked at Liberdade, looking those adorable (and crowded) stores, we did food shopping, had a delicious lunch at Bentô House and bought my brother a bentô before my mom go home and I head to Paulista.

Arriving there, I met my friend and we had a wonderful afternoon, getting to know MASP (both underground – which I had no idea that existed – and upstairs), catching up, laughing, walking to Japan House and then getting lost in the mall while trying to figure out where the Starbucks was (we eventually found it). It was really, really nice!

Wednesday, 26:

Gabriel had an appointment at the dentist and after that, we went to MIS, to the exhibition of Steve Jobs and we were all starving by the time we left, so we started to look for a Subway we could park and eat and after some search and decided to go to the one we usually do. Great success and delicious as always. But we absolutely needed a dessert as well, so we stopped by McDonald’s and grabbed ourselves some ice creams. Yummy!

Thursday, 27:

Endoscopy, 10h45, ugh.

It was not as bad as I imagined, though. I was the only one on the group the nurse called that had never done endoscopy before. Then I’ve realized I want and need to take more care than ever of my health, really don’t want to do those invasive exams several times like those other people that were with me.

I slept all the time and then when I woke up, my mom took a breakfast ticket to grab a cake and some lemon tea, which now realized that I don’t remember eating or going there. I was probably still under the effect of the medicine. It was quick and almost painless (just the needle part was a tiny, little painful. The nurse needed to put on my vein, but not a big deal).

Friday, today:

Right now I have Puppy, my lovely dog, laying down on my side and I did some planning and just had lunch, with some risotto me and my mom cooked. Love it.

As you can see, did not work out this week because I was feeling lots of pain on my thighs and, as we are returning our ballet classes in both schools next week, I decided to give myself a nice rest. I did some work during vacations and I’m proud of some achievements, so I won my own rest for this week.

Can’t wait to next week classes, I have so much to learn and work on! (Plus I’ll be starting Ballet Guide Online Summer Intensive as well, which will certainly be constructive and fun!)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Arissa Ayumi

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