39 days to go and knowing my city part III

Heyyy, long time no see!

I’ve just finished a little Orphan Black marathon, it’s an amazing series, but I feel like it’s just enough for the day. 

Me and my mum had an appointment at the dermatologist in the morning and we also had swimming class as usual, so that’s all the outside I did today.

However, I did go outside quite a lot during this week, as we had different appointments in Paulista. We took advantage of it to walk around and know the places we haven’t been yet, like Japan House, a new museum all based in Japanese architecture and culture, and Casa das Rosas (Roses House), an antique mansion that was transformed into an place to discuss literature, see theatre plays, watch lectures and, of course, know the place and their beautiful rose garden.

I have this funny face on the first photo because I was still preparing myself when my mum took the pic, right before the security guard told us it was not allowed to take “different” pictures there ¯\_ಠ_ಠ_/¯

During this walks I also found out Starbucks do offer soy milk, which means I can have frapuccinos again. Yay for that!

I did a small barre before lunch and I will probably going to the gym, do some strengthening and stretch, I’ve been really motivated to improve these past few days and I want to keep that way!

Night update: I’ve decided not to go to the gym and instead, I’m doing a lot of exercises at home, focusing on legs and feet today.  I also took some pictures for a future before/after. Felt like I did a great job today 💪

Hope you have a good friday & weekend!

Lots of love,

Arissa Ayumi

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