Demi vacations

Vacations from edasp have started, but I’m not completely happy that we are going to be resting during one month. A couple weeks are needed though.
I still have night classes at my other school, which is amazing, since I won’t stop ballet completely.
We had a three-day presentation, two on an outside stage and the last day inside one of the rooms we do classes for maximum two guests, I invited my mom and my brother. My dad couldn’t go due to work.
The first day went so fast! We were freezing cold and, when we finished, I wasn’t even warm. The second and third day were much better and I had a lot of fun during these days. This place has such a good atmosphere and the people there are always lovely.
I love that place and I’m really thankful to have this opportunity, this teacher and those people in my life. I can’t imagine this semester without those precious ballet classes, they made a revolution in my life and changed me as a dancer and as a person.
I still have one more month of the second semester before I head to my adventure studying abroad and, during this vacation, I’ll workout, stretch and keep myself in shape so I can prepare my body to learn more and more. I love this ballet life!

About my preparation, I’m getting more excited every day with all the things I have to do. I’m loving to clean my room. I’ve recently started adding some minimalism to my life. I’ve heard about it before but never really wanted to know what was it about until I saw a documentary on Netflix which explained pretty much it all. I loved it.

Minimalism isn’t about living with the less possible, as I thought, but just living with things that are truly valuable to you, which includes clothes, objects, furniture, relationships and even choosing to keep just the music that you love on your phone. It’s a lifestyle.

And me, as a person very attached to her material things, it’s being a true relief to have less, but just the really needed. I still have a lot to clean, donate or sell, but it already made a huuuge difference in my life. (btw, I’m cleaning my wardrobe right now)

It’s freezing cold today as well and I LOVE IT ❤

Gonna make this week a very productive one!

Hope you have an amazing day.


Arissa Ayumi

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