Sunday, two months left, ballet classes, expo, haircuts and living on theatres

Hello there!

Yes, there’s a lot to write about and many many things to tell. I’ll probably be jumping from subject to subject today, as the news are diverse.

It is Sunday! Which means the local market day (although we now are in transition to change it to Thursday, as the Thursday local fair is much cheaper, high quality and nearest to us). As usual, we have a pretty sunny day, even it’s already winter. I really love my city and this crazy weather.

I’ve recently cut my hair. I cut last year on the shoulders, and it grew surprisingly fast! I removed 25cm of hair (!) and now it’s kind difficult to do a bun right now, but I’m learning. I’ll probably donate it again.

Related to buns, my ballet life is pretty much the same. I have classes every day, from Monday to Saturday, I spend my mornings on Praça das Artes and afternoons at my other ballet school. I feel like I’m improving a lot and movements are becoming natural to me, although I wish I could do more about my technique and learn faster.

One of my teachers said I dance beautifully (!) but, as I’m tall and have long arms, I need to work on that and make my movements longer, not short them, as I’m doing. She also corrected my chaînes and other things. She still corrects a lot while in class and I love that. I wouldn’t grow that much without her. I’m really really thankful to have her in my life.

We are going to have our three-day presentation this week when we are going to present a full class to guests, directors and coordinators of Praça and people who are coming over, we are calling it a Master Class and as we do it almost every day, it helped me to have more control and learn more of the technique.

Well, this Thursday I also participated in my very first Dance Festival as a seller. I and my dad drove to Mogi das Cruzes, right before I returned from class and dad from work, around 14h. We then put all of Merci things there, organised the products and the coordinator of the Festival kindly borrowed us a big table. I was really proud of how the space looked like and I loved participating. It was quite an experience. The other sellers were also really nice and we had a nice time working on Merci.

Also, as Praça is part of the Municipal Theatre Foundation, they always offer us tickets to ballet shows. For this reason, I’m practically living on Theatres and I love it.

I’ve seen all the São Paulo Companhia de Dança débuts, including La Sylphide and yesterday I could go to my favourite place in this city: The Municipal Theatre, where I also have the luck to be in front of almost every single day. I went watch Balé da Cidade presenting Cacti (which I absolutely loved) and Paraíso Perdido (literal translation of Lost Paradise). I also had the opportunity to see Ismael Ivo, the artistic director of Balé da Cidade, walking in the Theatre.

Both performances are related to our time and our city, but especially about our people and our country, even they were not specifically created for them and us. But they speak perfectly with our current situation. I wish I could find the talked texts of Cacti, written by Spenser Theberge, they were wonderful and reflexive in an amazing way. I absolutely loved Cacti!

I guess these is all I have to tell for now. I hope I write more often because I love to.

Hope you have a beautiful Sunday and a wonderful week.


Arissa Ayumi



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