My last months in Brazil

(I’m back!)

In 2 months and 20 days  I’m going to leave this country I was born and raised to live independently for the first time in Portugal. How exciting!

I had a hiatus on the blog due to lots of things I was doing. My week is crazy, even I’m not doing any academic stuff at the moment. As you probably know, I have ballet twice (or three times) a day,  RAD classes, sometimes I have rehearsals for competitions, I have an early lunch some of the days, I take the subway, I go to the Mail to send some packages for Merci, sometimes I work with my mom until late and swimming classes happens two mornings per week.

I do all that practically every day and I LOVE it all. I feel physically tired and sore sometimes because of so much ballet and all the workout and stretches I do at home or before classes, but I could do it forever. I’m forever sorry I won’t be able to be a ballerina. I’m forever sorry that as much as I try and study, I won’t have enough technique. But this is life, I made some wrong choices when I stayed at that first ballet school that taught me nothing but neither I or my mom understood a thing about ballet when I was 7, so I just stayed there. Today there’s nothing I can do but try to learn everything I can.

I also had the amazing opportunity to get some free tickets to watch São Paulo Companhia de Dança on their two débuts with Suite for Raymonda and an adaptation of Fire Bird, plus other contemporary pieces, like Ngali…, Pivô, Suite for two Pianos, Primavera Fria (cold spring), 14’20”. First time I went with my mom and as it was the very first night of presentations, the whole audience was composed of people from the dance world who was invited: ballet teachers, choreographers, ballet dancers, balletomanes, students, press related to ballet. It was amazing!

The second time I went with a friend of mine and we had lots of fun, although we had a full day, so we were pretty tired.

I feel I’m getting better and better in ballet classes, but I still have loads of things to work on, plus work my attitude in the classroom. Be more active, and don’t seem so intimidated and fearful. I love all these opportunities I had and I’m really grateful for my teachers and the possibilities I had this year.

I also competed in Campos do Jordão with my school in a dance festival and we got a few prizes. But, most important, we had fun.

I’m also about to get my exams results to see if I am really lactose intolerant (almost sure) and that’s it.

We are going to present a three-day open class on Praça das Artes and this way we end the semester. Can’t believe how fast it passed! I was just writing about the fact that I was going to need to wait another six months to move and now we are talking about 2 months and a half!

Can’t wait to see this next season. Looking forward to the new adventures of every day.


Arissa Ayumi




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