International Dance Day

Happy International Dance Day!

I’m happier just by the fact I’m able to dance and learn more and more every day. I may not be the best student in terms of technique, or a good dancer, but my life without dance would certainly be incomplete.

I spent part of my afternoon in the centre of São Paulo, thanks to a program of the Municipal Secretary of Culture. They celebrated Dance Day with lots of differents shows all over the city, including classing ballet, contemporary, modern, street dance, hip hop, stiletto, flamenco and even more.

By 12h30, I and my dad were in front of the Municipal Theatre, waiting to watch the young company of EDASP and after, an excerpt of Cacti, a contemporary piece of Balé da Cidade de São Paulo (which was wonderful by the way).

During this year, while and after I saw Adastra and Risco, and now a piece of Cacti, I’ve been developing such deep respect for this company. They are brilliant! I loved every single thing I’ve watched on them, they are strong, precise, charismatic and they have got a story to tell. They use their bodies to express, exactly what dance is about.

I even saw Ismael Ivo in the crowd. I was hoping to get a photo with him and congratulate Ismael about all his new works with Balé da Cidade, but he was always surrounded by people talking to him and I didn’t want to disturb. Shame on me, shame my shyness #fail.

After the program ended, we went to Galeria do Rock (Rock Gallery), which is basically a huge shopping mall just for rock, CDs, lots of different rock bands t-shirts, tattoos, skates, piercings.  A place where rock lovers find their fellows and buy things they like. We were there to find a specific shirt for my brother, from a band he likes. We found.

We then walked until Rua Direita (literally Right Street – the direction, not like civil rights) and went to Daiso, this huuuuge, beautiful, Japanese store where they sell practically everything with a reasonable price, most of the things being cheap with high quality. I don’t even need to say I love that place.

Finishing our shopping, we walked until Sé and took the subway home. I had a very late lunch (around 4 pm) and we spent the rest of the day at my granny’s.

As Monday is a holiday  (Labour’s day) and on Friday we had a general strike (the reason why I couldn’t go to EDASP to have ballet), I’ll be home for four days, resting my muscles and working on my projects and on my business. I’m loving working on Merci! It’s seriously one of the best things I’ve ever done.

I’ll probably be celebrating Dance Day by tomorrow yet (because every day is dance day, right?).

Lots of love,

Arissa Ayumi

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