Bonjour à tous!

Yesterday I woke up by 6h50, which immediataly reminded of the quote: “work on something that makes you want to jump out of the bed every morning” and I had an amaaaazing morning working on my mini project, which was (drum rolls) a photoshoot for Merci with some of my friends, lots of flowers, braided hairs and fun. 

We all a really great time and I already consider it a sucess. I cannot wait to see the photos!

We spent about three hours photographing and it was really nice. I was hoping to do an outside photoshoot, but I had some emails from the parks I wanted to photograph answering that because the photos were going to be used on a ecommerce website, they are considered for commercial use, and then I had to pay to use these spaces, which I considered fair, until I saw the prices, and I wasn’t going to be able to pay, especially because I’m a really small company.

Anyway, we had a great time and the photos look great and really want to see the final result!

Thanks to the flowers I used there, I now have beautiful arrangements I did myself with petals and flowers left from that ❤️

I spent the rest of my day helping my mom to deliver two cakes, organizing my office and finished by watching (and finishing) 13 Reason Why with my parents. It’s a strong series, but I definitely recommend it!

Full day, productive day. Love it!

Hope you have a beautiful Sunday.


Arissa Ayumi

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