Every day I promise myself I’m going to write on the blog and I’ve been failing for days, but here I am!

It’s kinda complicated because I don’t have my computer always with me and I don’t feel comfortable writing on my mobile. So…

I had my usual classes every day, at the morning in edasp and in the afternoon at my usual ballet school. Monday wasn’t exactly a good day for me in morning ballet class, but it was a good day in general, especially because I finally got my residential visa (yay for that!). All the other days were great too.

Tomorrow I have a big project and I’m really looking forward to that! I still have to plan some things and finish other stuff before, but I’ll definitely post something about. I’m really excited about it!

Today’s a holiday here in Brazil, which is perfect since I can finish all those arrangements and rest my poor tired legs. Also, we had a perfect cold, autumn-like weather, which I enjoyed very much, sadly it seems to be over 😦

Okidokie, I have some other things to do and I’ll finish working on that project (yay!).

Hope you have a lovely Friday,


Arissa Ayumi


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