I had a full day today, starting at 7h45 with swimming class and I still haven’t ended, it’s 23h50 and I’m helping my mom with some orders.

I went to EDASP at 12h, to the 13h ballet class. Today was supposed to be pointe shoe class, but I forgot my toe pads and as almost nobody does it with pointe shoes I went on flats. My friend & teacher was there today, as my other friend who is doing classes with me every day, which was super nice. However, barre was kind of a problem today, I couldn’t memorise all combinations and I felt like I wasn’t listening to my body, kinda lost with coordination. Center was not amazing, but it was ok and so diagonal.

I guess we all thought the teacher was going to give us a killer class when everybody leaves practically dying, because of Easter holiday, but it was normal. I was feeling terrible afraid to turn, for no particular reason and I really don’t like when that happens. I can’t do doubles and my singles look terrible too, just because of that unconscious fear off turning. Now I’ll only see ballet again on Monday (not counting my daily workouts and tomorrow’s class I’m planning to make myself in the morning)

I arrived home and helped my mom until 18h when we left to deliver the cakes, sweets and all that and she dropped me in ballet school in the middle of the way. We had rehearsal for the festivals and competitions we are going to compete and it was really nice.

I gave three chocolate eggs (our Brazilian Easter tradition), one for my edasp ballet teacher, one for the edasp ballet pianist, and one for my two teachers, they all liked and I’m really pleased!

Plus, I decided I’m not going to have an Easter egg this year because 1) I eat chocolate practically every day, 2) I’m trying to avoid eating too many sweets, because it’s not healthy, 3) I really want to follow my Short Term Ballerina Project, and keeping a healthy diet helps me to get there and 4) I don’t feel like eating that much sweet, even if divided for several days.

It’s past midnight right now and I’ll soon go to sleep.

Hope you had a nice day!


Arissa Ayumi

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