Making progress

Good evening!

I had a usual Sunday, going to local market, buying fruits and vegetables, having lunch at my Granny’s house, napping and now I’ve just finished working on my online shop, there are lots of new things coming, including some Capezio products.

Merci is finally starting to look more like what I wanted to. There are a lot of work to do yet, but from the first beginning, I already wanted to make sure everything was going to be exactly as I always wanted for an online ballet shop here in Brazil. I’m slowly getting there. This is a new project, but it’s already making me so happy and proud!

I’m on day 5 of my Short-Term Ballerina Project and I’m enjoying it. Helps me to fix all my corrections and apply them the next day and know my body dealing with soreness and classes as well. I see a great improvement since I started making ballet classes at EDASP, Praça das Artes. Of course, there are looots of things to work on yet, but I’m happy I don’t feel and I’m not stuck in technique, memorization and class in general.

I’ll definitely stretch more this week. Stretching prevents injuries, right? And I felt so sore last week that I could barely walk and those subway stairs were a nightmare to me!

Also, yesterday I went to the Theatre next home by 18h40 to watch a festival my school was participating. They competed with a jazz, a contemporary piece and two variations. I had such a great night! I love to be with all my friends and teacher!

I need to sleep now. I’m looking forward to this new week!

Lots of love,

Arissa Ayumi


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