The short-term ballerina project


I had two greaaat classes.At EDASP 11:30 and at my regular ballet school at 15:45.

It’s been some weeks since I’ve started thinking about a ballerina project. Because I’m a visual person, I have better answers when I write, draw and put the things that have been going on my head in the paper. So, I’m planning to start a guide to achieve or, at least, get better results in ballet.

That will include food and all vitamins and nutrients I need to get the best of my body, planned workouts and stretches I will organise in order to not overstretch or get too many days off as I do while I haven’t planned, correction I get in class, corrections I could improve, how I feel before and after classes, achievements. Practically a journal + planner that I believe will help me, even just a little, to get where I want in the short-term, but that will be refreshed as soon as I achieve what I need so I can get long-term results.

I know it’s just a simulation and probably just a dream, but I want and will work really hard to when I complete 22 years old (I’m 18 right now), to be at least closing fifth positions and somewhere near to my teacher’s technique and attitude in class because she is the person that inspires me the most right now. She’s a wonderful teacher & coach, an amazing friend and a beautiful ballerina, but she just conquered all that because she’s a hard worker and I’ve seemed she growing as a dancer since I met her and her mother, who’s my teacher as well, in August 2014. That really makes me want to work harder and harder every day.

It’s important to set short and long-term goals because you need to know what you aim for your future so you can start working now.

The things I believe I need for a short term are: work more my breath while keeping my core tight, en dehors (or turnout), balance, feet strength and spot while turning. My future goals are to have a better upper body,  better arms, quickness while doing barre and center exercises, balance (short and long term), fifth positions (being able to close it), 110º/120º arabesque, being able to do a tilt, don’t sit on my hips while doing exercises, double pirouettes en pointe on both sides and three pirouettes without pointe shoes. Probably everything is on my long term list.

I’m feeling my back kinda hurt, because of a variation I’m rehearsal on (❤), so I’ll leave back exercises, cambrés, arabesques and so to work later, when I feel completely comfortable with it.

Todas was day one of my Ballerina Project, and I divided in some pages to “what I struggle with today”, “what do I aim to achieve shortly and in the future”, “steps to get there” and I’ll write things just like a journal: “what corrections did I have today”, “what do I feel I need to work on”, “good points on class today”, because we need to reward ourselves when we achieve sometimes good, “today’s meals” and so on. I’m really liking it and keeps me motivated!

Going to keep it updated!

Hope you have a lovely week! Happy monday (or Tuesday, depending where you are).


Arissa Ayumi

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