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Hello there!

During three lovely days, I had the pleasure to spent next to the Municipal Theatre. As it’s also part of my way to my morning/afternoon ballet classes, I’m always there appreciating the view, but I had the chance to be at the Theatre, for two different performances, two days in a row ❤

Day one, aka Tuesday, I had those two tickets I got on school for me and my mom, to watch Adastra and Risco, performances from Balé da Cidade. Risco is a new ballet that marks the début of Ismael Ivo as director of Balé da Cidade this year.

We arrived there pretty early, almost one hour before the start and we were pretty much the first ones to enter. We had the Theatre just for us for a few seconds! Both presentations were fantastic, but I particularly loved Risco more, I guess because I knew a bit more about it and, when I understand a contemporary piece, I can try to interpret myself and really enjoy it. Risco is about São Paulo, my beautiful city, and all our colours on the walls, the streets, all our diversity and movement because São Paulo never stops and so don’t we. These pieces Ismael created for Balé da Cidade are called Corpo Cidade, which literally means “City’s body”.

There’s one part when a ballerina starts shaking uncontrollably, the dancer next to her put both hands on her shoulders twice, to stop her and, in the end, she screamed a despair scream that gave me goosebumps and for me, this was one of the most striking parts. For me, the woman represents someone that doesn’t fit, in the place, in society, and she has that whole unique universe inside her, an inner energy full of life, full of herself that needs to be expressed and when the dancer tries to stop her, unsuccessfully, she starts to shake again, that life that can’t be stopped, but he, the opposite force, still tries to make her fit.When he tries for the third time, she screams. A yell for her life, she urges to be her and nobody else.

My insights about dance.

I have so much more to say about Risco, I absolutely loved it!

Now the Municipal Theatre has something really nice. As a lot of people always try to film and take photos during the presentations, which is prohibited, they decided to add a repetition, a bis, at the end of the performances, when people can film, photograph and then post on social medias, show friends and all that. It’s good for them because it becomes kind of a publicity as people see the videos and photos on social medias about the performance and get interested in watching it and good for us, that can carry a little bit of the spectacle with us to see later and show everybody.

The second day was to watch Bachiana Filarmônica, the Orchestra group of João Carlos Martins, a famous Brazilian conductor and pianist. We arrived a bit late, so we had to wait for a pause so we could enter without bothering anyone. We had to sit on the balcony, since going to our original place was going to disturb people, but we could be at the correct chair by the intermission.

It was stunning and after the interval, João Carlos Martins introduced Lucas, a young (he has my age, I guess) talented violinist that beautifully played Tchaykoviski for a bit more than thirty minutes, without reading any sheet music. I felt impressed, inspired, but also I had that “what I’ve been doing with my life until now?” feeling. In the end, JCM played a bit of piano and for #bisnomunicipal (or #bisatthemunicipal) the Orchestra played the song of Vai-vai, The Samba School that represented him in 2011 Carnaval and won the first prize.

He also said, after Lucas presentation: “It’s the dedication of an athlete and the soul of a poet that makes an artist”.

I always feel peaceful and inspired at this Theatre, and it’s a place I would definitely work at. It’s such a nice environment! Plus, if I’m feeling down about ballet, every problem or difficult I have seems to vanish. I feel renewed and ready to start over and work harder than ever. That has a real result on next mornings and the night I visited the Theatre, as well as during classes.

I believe that art is my religion, theatres are my temples and ballet will always be in my soul, no matter my technique, artistry or everything I have to practice and get better at. I need it to live.

Without ballet what’s the pointe? (sorry for that. #Icouldn’tresist)

Also, today I went to Praça das Artes and as it’s Thursday, it’s pointe shoes day, but just three of us were en pointe. Plus: my teacher decided that it was going to be a turning class. It was not beautiful and I decided that I was going to be happier and more productive in flat shoes during center combinations that we were doing pirouettes everywhere. It was not that beautiful too, but I did a small workout in the afternoon, when I arrived home, and had a nice class at night. My teacher started a neoclassical choreography and I already love it.

I guess that’s all.

Hope you have a beautiful week.


Arissa Ayumi

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