As I hadn’t any ballet classes today or anything that I had to leave home to solve, I dedicated myself to my business.

I answered emails, photographed and modelled (yes, it’s going to be me for a while in the pictures until I structure my company) and even watched a planning workshop for business with my mom. I also received an email from the Consulate I was waiting for.

I’m loving all that! I’m doing what I love based on one of the things I love the most: ballet (and dance in general). It’s being amazing! I really hope that works…

I’ll soon work on the website all in English, so people from all over the world can access and buy the products I’m so proud of! In the meanwhile I’ll work to make all of it even better, I have a lot of beautiful projects for the near future!

(It’s all in portuguese, but you can see my website here)

Hope you have a lovely week!


Arissa Ayumi

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