Hot&Cold and Ballet

Hello there!

It’s a beautiful sunny morning today (which I already predict that is going to be a hot one, again. Lots of sunscreen for me)

I have been collecting photos and moments but I’ve forgotten to write because time is flying and I admit that I barely can follow it.

We had three days of autumn and it was amazing, it was cold, fresh, sometimes cloudy and sometimes sunny. Lovely weather!


I’m always happy when I can use blouses again



Also, day 21 I was feeling sick, not too much, but I wasn’t 100%. I went to ballet at Praça das Artes because it was the day I had to mark my presence, but my performance in class was clearly poor.



Yesterday I decided to use the stairs because the elevators were too crowded and slow. Best and worst decision ever. Good because I was kind of exercising and warming up, bad because I thought I had to be on the 4th floor, but it was 5th and my leg muscles were screaming. Anyway, it’s good to make different stuff sometimes.

Also because Praça das Artes is a part of the Municipal Theatre, when there are leftover tickets, they left it available to us, without any cost. So, next week, I’m going to see Balé da Cidade in the M.T. yay!

I’m soon prep my lunch so I can go to class today. I won’t have class at night at my other school so I will try to workout and stretch, my body is missing it!

Hope you have a lovely day!

Love, Arissa Ayumi


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