Good times

Hello there!

I haven’t been writing these past few days and I wish I could be more dedicated when it come to the blog. I wrote at my notebooks and papers around the house, though.

This weekend my grandma come over and it was really nice having her here with us, such a cozy and beautiful afternoon we spent with her, around banana cake my mom did and tea. I also watched Saving Mr. Banks with my dad, the other day, which tells the story of Hellen Goff, the writer of Mary Poppins and her story, while Walt Disney is trying to get the rights to produce the movie. It’s a really touching and beautiful story.

I have to tell that: I had a brilliant teacher in middle school, that literally everybody, including me, liked. This teacher is amazing while teaching and as a person as well. He did a post on Instagram these days, asking us where we were, inviting everybody to write about what happened with all of us and telling some of our histories after we left school/he stopped giving us class. This was so nice and revigorating! I read some of the comments of the people who studied at the same school I went when in middle school and I commented as well. He answered brilliantly, as always, I’m really happy everybody was “catching up”. He was the very first person (probably after my mum) to tell me I had the talent to write and encouraged me to practice.

Have a full day of things to do and classes to attend. Hope you have a lovely day!


Arissa Ayumi



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