Carnaval week

Hello there!

This week is Carnaval here in Brazil, our worldwide famous holiday for  this national culture expression, colourful parades in both São Paulo, my beloved city, and Rio de Janeiro, as well music and dance blocks in the streets and the giant dolls parade in Salvador. It’s a beautiful and fun week. Of course, there are some problems and obscures matters during Carnaval, but the main goal is fun and the expression of this beautiful and diverse culture we have here.

People here usually say the year just starts in Brazil after Carnaval, which is kind of true for some people and cases. Almost everything stops until Wednesday, not officially, but the reality is that pretty much no one will do or go to a thing until Monday. I’m not that person, I will be calling people and solving my stuff as soon as the alarm rings on Wed. hehe.

I have been up yesterday until 2 a.m. with my mom watching the Rio parades, while my dad was doing some work. My Dance School friends were parading at another samba school in São Paulo, but tv didn’t broadcast that, I wanted to watch so bad! I was going to parade too, but, as I didn’t know if I was going to stay in Brazil, due to University, I couldn’t say “yes” and then abandon them there with someone missing in the choreography. I was happy watching the other parades through TV, though.

Last week I went to three classes in Praça das Artes, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, this last one was a special carnival class, which was basically regular one hour and thirty minutes class with everybody on costumes. So cool! I was wearing my blue leotard, a blue small, fluffy tutu and a pompom in my bun. I also was the only one who got a correction, because I was looking to the wrong side during the whole center exercise. I felt really stupid during that, but at least I will aways pay more attention to what side I’m supposed to look at. I came back home with three friends, two from summer course and my friend & teacher, two of them took a bus and my friend could go with me by subway, which is always nice, since we can catch up with our ballet and life conversations.

I’ve been working out and stretching these days, which I like to be happening and one day I was forced to because I was dying, my back was hurting really bad, my legs, arm, everything! Sometimes, when I spend some days without a deep and intense workout and stretch, my body starts to yell, scream and complain and everything start to hurt really, really bad.

I did some abs, legs and turn out exercises, and focused on my feet today while watching Carnaval (sorry, it’s all I have lately), then a french podcast, a ballet video and then some silent and concentration.

I wish I could have some more photos to post here, but I feel like there’s nothing really interesting and also my cell phone has an awful camera, and it’s starting to collapse (I wish it doesn’t die so soon!). Scheduled obsolescence, I guess?

My family and I are going to have a late lunch today (we can because it’s a holiday), which means in some minutes since it’s already 15h now. (As I love talking about the weather, I have to inform it’s raining really heavy right now. Summer things)

Hope you have a beautiful week,


Arissa Ayumi

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